SO guys, who's ready? What do you have up your sleeve? Does your business do well on these days?


It does a little better. I know there are people out there in eCommerce land and other places that do phenom. Kudos.

T J Tutor

I'm seeing a slowdown in the real estate traffic and an uptick in the gourmet foods and domestic services traffic.

Real Estate is typically driven by relocation services at this time of year because companies prefer to move their executives and high level staffers as late in the year as possible because it is a time of lower productivity for them and they can still claim the deductions for the fiscal year. However, all other residential real estate always sees a reduction to twenty or thirty percent of the first three annual quarters. October through February are the toughest real estate sales periods in the industry. Commercial real estate is largely unaffected, but does experience a small reduction in sales.

Gourmet foods generally have their biggest uptick from September through January because of the holidays. Domestic services sees an uptick because of the demand for additional help requirements for the holidays.

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