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Are you planning to create your own ecommerce store?

Discussion in 'Planning Your Business' started by Isheeta Sengupta, Oct 18, 2016.

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  1. Isheeta Sengupta

    Isheeta Sengupta Member

    Here are a few tips to keep in mind before joining the ecommerce sphere.
    • Navigation bar is like the menu of a restaurant. It should include everything in a formatted and easily visible design.
    • Your users are too lazy to look into all the details of a menu bar. Always give them a search option.
    • The ecommerce website should be mobile friendly.
    • Social proofing elements act wonders and increases your sales by manifolds.
    • Avoid too many carousels and too many pictures. The users will end up getting confused. Keep it minimal with important banners and highlight the OFFER section properly.
    • Users must understand your offerings within 5 seconds after landing up on the website.
    Remember your user doesn't have the time to even spare an extra minute on your website. So it should be streamlined and catered to their plates seamlessly
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  2. Marek Kaczmarz

    Marek Kaczmarz Member

    Good advice, thanks for sharing! Have you got one such business of your own?
  3. Guru Sam

    Guru Sam Member

    perfect tips
  4. If I have enough money and enough knowledge why not.
  5. salmonjames

    salmonjames Member

    Can I get my personal eCommerce website under $5
  6. djbaxter

    djbaxter Administrator Moderator Member

    You can probably find shared hosting for under $5/month. Or if you use services like Etsy, Shopify, etc., you might be able to do it for about that (I'm not 100%certain of their pricing).

    This is one of those times when Google is your friend. See what you can find and then come back here and ask our forum members for their experiences with the service.
  7. Stacie Woodland

    Stacie Woodland Member

    I love your thoughts @Isheeta Sengupta! What do you mean by social proofing? Is that just staying on top of current/relevant social media accounts for your business?

    What would a good search engine be? I often see them "powered by Google" on some sites, and that never makes sense to me.
  8. djbaxter

    djbaxter Administrator Moderator Member

    It's related to peer pressure and social conformity, the tendency for people to do what others around them are doing (or to act contrary to others around them), the tendency for peop,e to assume that if most are people believe something or do something they must know what they're doing.

    What Is Social Proof And Why Your Business Can Live Or Die By It
    By Yaro Starak
    Retrieved April 2017


    It doesn't need to be Google, just a search engine allowing people to find information or products on this site. All WordPress sites have that capability. So does this forum.

    The "Powered by Google" is an embedded site search using the power of Google to help visitors find things just on your site. I'm not sure it still exists. I think it has been or is being phased out. It worked well for sites that were well indexed; not as well for sites with a smaller proportion of pages in the index. It also tended to look like a Google page and if memory serves it had Google ads, so from a branding point of view it wasn't the best for a a small business site.
  9. jaydenwilliam

    jaydenwilliam Member

    Thank you so much for sharing such a useful tips for planning to build any e-commerce store. These are the basic things which everyone should keep in mind while starting it. Nowadays, online marketing is on top and everyone prefer online shopping so it is must for any e-commerce store to follow all these things for success.
  10. E-Series

    E-Series Member

    You said it all :).

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