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Anyone consider entering the legal marijuana business?

Discussion in 'Planning Your Business' started by Nancy, Mar 31, 2016.

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  1. Nancy

    Nancy Member

    Whoopi Goldberg founds medical marijuana company for women

    Interesting article I ran across today about Whoopi Goldberg helping women start marijuana businesses. I have heard their are shortages of medicinal marijuana! Too bad it is not legal yet in my state!!

    Anyone else thought about jumping on this train? It seems like you could do well as it is just starting to take off!
  2. puneeth8994

    puneeth8994 Member

    Marijuana isn't legal in the country I live in (Medical or Recreational). The idea seems good except for a fair investment you need to put in to expect good returns then there are multiple factors to consider like the state's limits and everything.
    I do think it's a valid source of income considering the growing demand of users. You can check out cannabis career institute, They have given a clear idea about how much one can earn and what work does one exactly have to do.
  3. jona

    jona Member

    Only after the political climate settles down a little after the general election so we have a clear perspective of how the future is going to look like, with the current circus I am not sure if we end up with somebody that will end up with regressive politics regarding weed and you could end up losing your investment or even facing legal trouble at worst!

    I read somewhere that marijuana is going to end up being the new "big tobacco" with huge corporations taking control of it once it is completely legal, so maybe there is a window of opportunity there to pursuit this as a business before small players are absorbed.
  4. Nancy

    Nancy Member

    @jona I agree that corporations will take over, but right now is the time for the small guy to get in and then later sell off to or become one of those corporations! I honestly do not see how the federal government could outlaw something that is legal in a specific state. If that happens, it is time for a revolution!!

    I don't know about growing weed commercially, but I do know about growing. It wouldn't take a large investment if you already had a farm. I still think I would jump right on this bandwagon if it were legal in my state!
  5. CheckTheNumbers

    CheckTheNumbers Member

    It is quite lucrative but also difficult. For the most part, anyone that doesn't know what they are doing will have a tough time, but anyone with business skills can get some decent results. I am quite familiar with the industry, and there is a dispensary within a mile of me. They do well and yet could be doing so much better, but they settle.

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