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Any ideas on website monetization?

Discussion in 'Online Marketing and Advertising' started by Ragriz, Aug 2, 2016.

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  1. Ragriz

    Ragriz Member

    Hello all!

    Currently I am in the process of developing a small network of websites. My goal is to ultimately brand the network and sell products through that brand.

    However, before I get to that point, I want to investigate the possibility of generating income through the individual sites.

    I would rather not go the way of adsense. I don't like the way they devalue a website. I want a clean, more upscale look.

    I have been investigating other avenues like affiliate marketing and the like.

    I wanted to check in with the fine folks here and see if there were some other options other than what I have seen. Better yet, any first hand experience would be greatly appreciated.
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  2. T J Tutor

    T J Tutor Member

    Hi @Ragriz , it's great to have you join us. Welcome to EntrepreneurFix!

    For your business side, this forum will serve you well. Growth, scaling, business management, developing an affiliate program and such.

    For your marketing and recruitment of affiliates for your sites as well as other monetizing aspects for your sites, you may find our sister forum AffiliateFix of great benefit to you.

    Both forums will serve you well. Think of them as a "two part epoxy".

    A lot of the your choices from the many options will be determined by the types of products you are selling on the sites.

    What product lines are you representing on the sites?

    Are you the owner and developer of the products being sold?

    Have you already developed your traffic sources and sales funnels?
  3. Ragriz

    Ragriz Member

    To answer your question, let me give you an outline of my goals.

    Plan A: I started by designing a series of websites based on individual skills. Website 1 was health related and website 2 was cooking related. Each website has slight overlap to promote readers to check out other websites.

    Goal A: The ultimate goal is developing a central hub that the skills sites branch off of. This is going to be a social media site for people to discover new skills and get in touch with others looking to learn or experts of those skills. From there they can be diverted to the specialty sites.

    I hope to promote branding to this site as it evolves.

    On top of that, I run a small business creating saltwater/water sport related tackle and apparel. Only local at the time.

    My second goal (Goal B if you will) is to launch a brick and mortar business based on that.

    I am going to use one of my sites (that is devoted to watersports) to be the launching point for that business. This is where I'll promote and sell my own products.

    So to break it down. I am working in this order.

    1. Use the money from my small business to fund website development.
    2. Create singular websites.
    3. Network websites together.
    4. Launch the central social hub.
    5. Use the proceeds online to expand offline.
    6. Start my watersports business.

    Basically I have been using the money and resources from each step to fund the next.

    At this moment, I have been focusing solely on traffic generatation. (Step 2 and a little of step 3) Now that traffic is getting where I want it to, I am investigating ways to monetize it.

    **Before you ask, the reason I am pursuing two separate goals is that I use one to take my mind off the other. It helps me relax when one gets strenuous and gives me additional perspective. Weird I know, but it works for me.**
  4. CM_2016 Member

    If you are reaching some high traffic levels, perhaps you could sell blogging space or special advertising via embedded video or other content on your site.
  5. According to me, You should promote your each website individually rather than promoting in combine as you can have websites in your network with different categories. Therefore, promoting website individually will be of great use.

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