Another way to market and promote your local business

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Nov 10, 2016
Some ideas for participating in your community and raising positive awareness of your local business... You can't buy better advertising than this, especially in smaller communities.

How Businesses Can Give Back to the Community
by Ivan Widjaya,
June 9, 2018

  • Participate in Food Drives
    If your community ever has a food drive, do what you can to contribute to it and show your good will. Encourage your employees to participate as well... and make sure you don’t forget to arrange for transportation for all the items your company has collected.

  • Sponsor a Youth Organization
    Chances are good that there’s a youth organization or sports team in the neighborhood in need of a sponsor. Help kids get and stay active by buying them equipment or supplies. Consider offering a space to youth groups needing a place to they can raise money selling candy or cookies.

  • Volunteer
    If you don’t have the money to help support your community, you can donate your time instead. Look for volunteering opportunities for yourself and your employees, or develop your own. For instance, if you operate an accounting firm, you might offer free classes to help people manage their finances better.

  • Support Local Businesses
    Support other locally-based business in your community. If there’s one you particularly like, be sure to support it by sending some business their way. Be conscious about how you spend your money, and do what you can to support your local community.
  • Make It Easy for Employees to Support Their Community
    Offer employees paid time off to volunteer within the community.

  • Look for Ways to Address Local Problems
    Every community has its share of unique problems. If you’re aware of them, do what you can to solve them. For instance, if you run a restaurant and know there are families and individuals going hungry in your community, you might offer free meals. Grocery store owners can deliver healthy food to those who lack the transportation necessary to make it to their store.

Can you think of other ways to promote your business by active participation and support in your community?