I wrote this essay to explain the idea more thoroughly - a website where eco building materials can be evaluated and compared with great ease.

Please tell me what you think about this concept, do you see a demand in this area, and do you think the website would get enough traffic to pay for the business operational cost of this website?

My hope is that our children would have a bright future to look forward to because we are making it happen by living sustainably. This means consuming less resources so our natural resources do not get depleted, planting an organic garden to minimize the negative environmental impacts of food transportation and other environmental hazards, and consciously choosing to use eco-friendly building materials when renovating or constructing a new home or office.

This is where I would like to help as an interior designer. I would like to create a website called Eco Materials where consumers, homebuilders, and designers/architects can easily choose eco-friendly building materials to use. Currently, finding eco-friendly building materials is such a tedious process that requires lengthy research time that choosing sustainable materials can easily get dismissed.

To solve this problem, I am proposing an eco-friendly building materials comparison chart on my Eco Materials website. It would show the pros and cons of each building material, the price ranges, the life-cycles, health factors, companies that offer these materials, etc. It would also include a review and rating section to further verify the quality of the building materials.

It is our every day conscious choices that create life-changing opportunities. Please join me in creating a sustainable future of opportunities for ourselves and our children.


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Any startup which offers a product or service which doesn't depend on "Fuel Based Economy" is the big hit. The only challenging part is to sustain the initial slow result.


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Anything that helps the Environment, especially the construction field which uses more fuel based medium right from transport to machinery. If you have come up with a startup that reduces or doesn't use this FUEL its good to bring sustainability in the world. Is that what you claim ECO right?

Hope you get it..

Julia Sta Romana

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I think this is a good idea. I would also suggest you include whether the material has received certifications or passes materials standards. I think this is where some eco materials have a problem with. They're good for small project but they're not used on a wider scale because they haven't passed (or haven't submitted to) material standards testing.
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