I want to create an online business using my knowledge on graphic design plus all the info I have learned in the last years about SEO and marketing online.

Idea: Online shop where I will sell visual media and infoproducts templates.
Clients: Online entrepeneurs, bloggers and marketers.

More about the products I will sell:
I will probably start with 1-2 products and will keep adding products to the shop as I create them.

Templates that customers will edit themselves. The good thing it's that as it's a template they will be able to save a lot on graphic designers but also get a more profesional look in their visual media. There will be the option to hire me to personalise their product.

I was thinking to start with:
- Media kits: for bloggers to pitch to brands
- Social Media visuals: that can be used on the channel as a header and also on the posts
- Blog post: So you can post with style

And then follow with:
Book templates
Cover templates
Course template (slides)
Report templates

I have ideas for more products but these are just some of them.

There is competence in this market. Some business only do Media kits, some people just do book templates. You can also find or most of these type of products in places like Creativemarket, etc.

But as I said I think there is room for all and it's not a super-saturated market. I want to became the place to go when you want to create a nice infoproduct/visual media without spending too much but that looks profesional and attracts your client.

When I started with the idea I sow it very clean on my mind, but as I gather more and more info the idea gets diluted. Questions grow in my head, but first of all I would like to know:

  1. What do you think about my idea?
  2. Is the concept easy to understand?
  3. Do you think it would be better base the brand on me (my face, my name)? upload_2017-4-30_16-18-48.png
  4. Or that it's better to create a brand name for the shop? upload_2017-4-30_16-19-31.png
I like both approaches (3 and 4) but haven't been able to decide on one of them yet. The products would be the same, the difference will be on how I brand and market the shop.


It can be done either way but you might find that the marketing and SEO is easier with #4.

Option #2 has some merit over the long haul since it puts a name to the work and to the business but it may take longer to establish yourself... perhaps an option for rebranding for the future when you are more established.

I like the general idea for your business. As you say, there is a lot of competition but if you target the right audience, likely small businesses, that may not be as big an obstacle as you think.


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@Yedah welcome to bizwarriors.

Nice concept ... creative space is the only one even with so many companies it will over take others just be with producing "need for the day". I guess you are in a right path, best wishes... keep us posted.


Thank you very much @djbaxter your opinion it's much appreciated. You are spot on. I don't know yet which way I'll go, but you are right, starting with an unknown name and no connection will then take more time to establish.

Hi @VirtualGlobalPhone Thanks, I hope I'm on the right path too as I'm nearly sure I will bring this to reality ^_^ I will definitely keep you posted because as I go, my head get new questions.

If anyone else wants to share their opinion I will be more than happy to hear about it. I'm a "information" type of person so I need to see an issue from several angles before deciding which one I like better.


Welcome, @Yedah !

Just going by what you said you want to achieve, I think I'd go with product/site branding over personal branding. You can attach your name to it, of course but you want people to make your site the go-to for their product needs. Hence, my opinion.

I think the idea is great because nearly everyone has the opportunity to start an online business these days but most people don't know how to produce the tools they need for marketing. Sounds like your products will make that easy and accessible for them. Marketed properly to your target audience and I think you'll grow a loyal fan base.

Anytime you need help, just let us know.

Enjoy the forums! :)


Thanks @azgold! You opinion it's being super-helpful. I was planning to post to more forums as I love gathering lots of info, but I think with the answers I got here I'm already making my mind about this subject.

I think that to brand the idea as a shop it's the best for now as I'm not known so who would care about a landing page with a big pic/video of me ^_^

The tools (templates) I'll create are nor for marketing. Marketing it's something they will have to make by themselves. The templates I'll create will be for all that people that want to create a nice product, an eBook/report for example, to sell or share, but don't have a big budget or design knowledge.

I have now to decide my list of products and with which ones I'll start + my customer persona.

Thanks guys your advice has been great!
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