Was Your Most Recent Interview a Success?

  • Yes - I nailed it 30 years ago, and here I still am.

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  • Yes - I met with six different managers and they all work for me now.

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  • No - I guess cursing, spitting, and being naked is against their company policy.

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  • No - If it weren't for bad luck, I would only have good luck.

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This ebook was created as a guide for beginner and intermediate level job seekers, however it contains plenty of expert level resources. It starts by helping you analyze your current strengths and weaknesses, shows you how to create a strong cover letter and resume, and explains what you should do before, during, and after the interview.

This ebook is free and hosted on google drive so you do not need to download anything. Any and all feedback is appreciated! Here's the link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9tla1rcIZI_UUo0NkhGZUxvZTg/view
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