I dabbled in the Amazon Associates program back in 2012, having purchased a shopping cart type script called Associate-O-Matic to try and set up a few Amazon Associate type stores. Admittedly I didn't do much else to any of those sites in terms of building out unique content, I just added a bunch of products from Amazon and let it pull in all their titles and descriptions and such. Needless to say neither of the sites generated much of anything. I only made a few dollars in commissions and only a handful of sales. Ultimately the sites even got kicked out of Google's AdSense program, which I was also running on them.

When setting them up, I kind of blew off the whole process of doing any sort of real research into what niche I should be targeting. I just arbitrarily made my main site an online e-commerce shop focusing on horror DVD's and collectibles, and the other was streaming media players, since I figured both interested me enough to write content about them.

Lately I've been trying to make a more earnest effort in doing some in depth research to find some good niches I can set up stores around and build good content for. I've been building up an arsenal of sorts of software as well to help me with this including the following:

- Scrapebox
- Long Tail Platinum
- GSA Search Engine Ranker, GSA Captcha Breaker, and GSA SEO Indexer
- The Best Spinner
- Amasuite 4
- Screaming Frog SEO Spider
- SEO Tools For Excel
- and a few others...

I've seen various approaches of how some folks choose their ideal Amazon niches to target. Some don't use any of these tools at all, but mainly just do some searches on Google and look at things such as the number of competing pages, number of SERP results with the phrase in the title, etc... while others seem to do more in depth research with programs such as Long Tail Platinum, or, or SEMRush, etc...

For those of you who have successfully been generating a good amount of conversions with Amazon Associates program, what were your methods of finding a good niche?

Kathryn M.

I normally already have a niche that I want to get into.

If I want to make a website for that niche, if I need something to sell in that niche, or if I want to boost revenue for that niche, I will find products on Amazon that go with that niche and place them on the website, and/or on social media.

It is always best to find a niche first. Otherwise, you are wasting your time. You won't know what direction to go, or what step to take next. Think of a niche, or a clever business idea, that you like and already know about, then see what kind of low rank keywords come up for it in the google keyword tool. Once you see the keywords, you will know exactly what specific niche you want to go into. Then you can find products to sell that go with that niche on Amazon.


I just write about on the topics that I like, but again, I am a complete failure when it comes to affiliate marketing.


I am an associate member of Amazon but I am not that successful in terms of affiliate sales and conversion of my promotions of their products. However, it is much better to make a page for every product you promote and use the name of that product in choosing a keyword to promote , rather than choosing a general term for your keyword in promoting to your target market.
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