Tylio is an online platform to automatically and instantly generate Web pages from the content you provide.

Any user who has an interest in creating and distributing content without putting too much time or money can use it for personal or professional reasons (startups, small businesses, content marketers, community managers…). With Tylio users will gain visibility by creating stunning multimedia Web pages from user-generated content, in seconds. And they will save time and money by controlling the process of creating and distributing your content, without any coding skills.

The app will be released in alpha mode within a few weeks. We need alpha users to provide valuable feedback. If you're interested, sign up on our landing page and earn up to 75% off any future paid plan (limited time offer, only for our early adopters).


Any other feedback welcome!

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Is this a content curator tool similar to paper.li? I have used paper.li free service. paper.li curates content from Twitter feed. Free paper.li does not support ad, but pro version has monetization option. What kind of monetization option do you have?
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