Everything you do in life starts from inside you. It starts with a thought, it starts with a belief, a desire, a perception. Everything begins from what’s inside you, and then you take action to make that thought a reality. Whether you’re manifesting thoughts of wanting a coffee in the morning, running a marathon, creating a successful business, it all starts with thoughts, which are influenced by your beliefs, desires and perceptions.

There’s a saying that goes, “The only Zen you find at the top of the mountain is the one you bring”. The Grass isn’t always greener on the other side because you take your perspective with you wherever you go. Meaning that you can never chase happiness and fulfillment as long as you seek it outside of yourself. You've got to do the inner work needed to change your outer world.

You can be of have anything you want in life, but you must first become the type of person that it can happen to. What are some of the things holding you back and how are you o ercoming those obstacles?
I am terribly afraid of failure. In starting my own business, I'm afraid of failing myself, my parents, and my support group. However, I know I cannot go into the business world with a negative mind. I have to accept the possibility of failing, and I have to promise myself to get back on my feet again and again. I must allow myself to learn from the failures. I have to embrace them as a stepping stone, leading me to success. I cannot simply take one step forward and three steps back. Everything that happens along my business journey is a milestone pushing me to become better and work harder.
Mindset and motivation is the key to success. If you fail, you learn. And through these learnings, you will be able to achieve success.
I am using consistency and persistence to overcome any obstacle that i face. Following my daily rituals helps me to stay focused and away from unimportant things.
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