If you are a farmer or a commodity trader, you are likely to encounter instances where there is a market glut for a particular commodity. This occasions loss. I remember growing zucchini and encountered a similar situation. These can be processed into crisps by cutting them into thin disc-shaped wafers and deep frying them. They are then salted, dried and dipped in vinegar for preservation. I would like to see your ideas in this area of value addition.


Before our mango tree was felled by a typhoon 2 years ago, it was bearing a lot of fruits - sometimes up to a total of 500 pieces. The harvesting takes a month or so that sometimes we harvest more than 50 mangoes at a time. That's a lot to finish. What we do is to slice the mangoes in chips and pickle it. Then I buy small plastic containers for the mangoes that I give away to my colleagues. And later, those who have sampled our pickled mango are asking to buy. Not bad eh?
I used to make apple butter out of crab apples because I didn't want to get rid of the trees from my garden. They are canned so you can keep them in storage for years and it will only get better. So its great to sell online. My excessive fruits are usually made into jams or jellies.
I am a farmer and I have a small farm in a village in Western Nepal. I farm cereal, vegetable, lentils and fruits. I don't farm to sell my produce, however, I always sell my surplus produce. The major problem I have encountered is the market. The middle man gets all the profit when it is me who works hard.
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