Hi everyone, new to the forum.

I have an idea for a product that is like a flexibe arm for your phone, so no tech in it or anything like that.

My question is how and where can I get my prototype manufactured. It would just be one piece so i personally can see what works and what doesen't.
Hey @Domagoj Vuković ! It seems to be a while since you asked about prototypes. Have you made one for your product, yet?

Many of my friends like to 3D print their own from the comfort of their own home! To draft your design, Rhinoceros seems to be quite popular. It works for both Mac and Windows, and has tutorials for both on their home website. This would probably mean you would want to invest in your own 3D printer. There are surprisingly many under $1,000 nowadays (probably because of how popular they've also become). Here's a list of top-rated printers from PCMag.com.

I hope this helps!
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