I am a self employed floor installer and I have been sub contracting for 3 years now and I have been installing floors for 8 years. I am planning on growing my business by generating my own client leads and offering quality installations. I will be subcontracting the work to experienced installers. I also want to sell materials directly to the customer. I have no knowledge about sales tax or filing quarterly. I have all ways filed my taxes at the end of the year with 1099. Should I hire a CPA? Or, should i learn it myself? I know i will need a sales tax ID and i can figure out how to do that. Also I have never had any contracts of my own they have always been given to me by the company i subbed for. I know I will need Customer contracts adaptable to each job with details of the job and I will need sub-contractors to sign a no compete form and contracts for the work they do. Where can i find templates or Who should i get the contracts from? What am I missing? Thank you in advance.


I just replied here:
Moving forward from sole proprietor to employer

If you're uncertain how to do those things, whether or not you hire someone to do them for you is a personal choice, at least to some extent, but I would recommend that you at least consult an accountant or lawyer or other professional to get some advice on how to proceed.


I'll add, your local Small business development center will also have tips and tools for you. For one biz I know of, they had an accountant come and help them through their books, each week. Free of charge. They were being trained how to set up and note their books and payroll, taxes. Always good to ask :)
Congratulations on making the decision to become your own boss and start your business Justin, I totally agree with DJBaxter on this one. I would seek the advice of an attorney and CPA to decide what is the best path for your business.
You can find free instructions on registering your business with the state and federal government, obtaining a tax i.d. and establishing your business system at the web site I maintain as an extension of my volunteer work. SMALL BUSINESS FEDERAL GOVERNMENT CONTRACTING ("Smalltofeds").

Use the BOX in the right margin to download instructions on incorporating in your state, obtaining non-disclosure and contract agreement drafts and other useful information. Use the search box at the top of the page with key words for articles on your topics of concern.
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