Today, we’re focusing on some documentaries that every female entrepreneur should watch. If you manage to watch all of them, there’s a reasonable chance that you’ll learn a lot about what it takes to get to the next step of success. Let's have a look:
  • The GLOW Project Movie - This is a full feature film that showcases a dynamic group of top corporate achievers and successful women business owners. These women openly share their lowest lows and how they tapped into their GLOW to achieve success and happiness on their own terms. The movie is the foundation of the GLOW Project and is being heralded around the world as “required viewing for every woman on the planet.” Top women’s associations, such as Ladies Who Launch, Women’s Leadership Exchange, eWomenNetwork, and others, strongly endorse and praise the GLOW Project. Women everywhere are hosting GLOW movie screenings in their homes, businesses and churches.
  • The Inventor: Out For Blood In Silicon Valley (2019) - As a female entrepreneur, sometimes things go according to plan, and other times they seem to be going that way and then crash. This documentary follows Elizabeth Holmes as she became the world’s youngest self-made billionaire, heralded as the next Steve Jobs. However, two years later, her multibillion-dollar company was dissolved. You can learn a thing or two from this film particularly about ensuring that what you’re selling is able to do exactly what you’re telling others.
  • Public Speaking (2010) - A great trait to have as a female entrepreneur is to be unapologetically yourself. This documentary dives deeper into unconventional creativity as it follows Fran Lebowitz, a writer from New York who had immense success with her two books and career that has been mostly based on public speaking engagements. Female entrepreneurs can learn how to recognize their own natural-born talents (which may seem like flaws to some) and position themselves in places for success.
  • Inside Pixar (2013) - As our CEO, Sandra Yancey, always says, you can’t get anywhere without the help of other successful people. Inside Pixar is a great documentary watch for any female entrepreneur because, in order to achieve success, you must learn from the success of others. Pixar being a multi-billion dollar industry provides inspiration and education on how others can be successful in their own lane, as well. By learning the ins and outs of a company, and through being a part of the highs and lows they experience, every female entrepreneur can gain insight into how to learn from your mistakes and what skills you need to be as successful as you can.

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