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About direct mail services

Discussion in 'Traditional Marketing and Promotion' started by lawrencedavid, Apr 11, 2017.

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  1. lawrencedavid

    lawrencedavid Member

    Many people and companies are now choosing direct mail services to improve their sales. I don’t know how this actually works. If I decided to choose direct mail advertising as the business promotional technique, what response rate can I expect from this? Please share your opinion.
    There are lots of companies are now using this method. So we should bring some difference in our mail campaign. How can we maximize the creative impact of direct mail package? Thank you
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  2. azgold

    azgold Moderator MVP Member

    My sister worked for a company that did that. She and I delivered a ton of postcards through several neighbourhoods. Did it work for them? Yes, they got some new clients from it.

    I think it depends on what and how you're promoting and your target audience. What we did was the right direct method for their market.

    I doubt that anybody can tell you that. There are variables, such as audience, method, product/service, location, demand, etc. that all factor in.

    By thinking outside of the box. For example, I once read about a company that had the local pizzeria put sticky notes on their boxes to promote their related (but not competitive) product. It was a barter system, the company promoted the pizzeria.

    You're only limited by your imagination. And if you get really stuck, come back and let us know, or you could hire a direct advertising consultant. Your printer may also have some advice.
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  3. Jessica Danes

    Jessica Danes MVP Member

    @lawrencedavid, what country are you in? I have not tried this service myself, so I am not sure what type of response you will get. It also varies depending on your area, your target mailing group, and what you're willing to spend. USPS has their own program that I have been looking at for a while now, and it looks pretty promising. It's called Every Door Direct Mail, and they have their own design program to help you save time on creating and printing your ads.

    On their site, they do not have reviews. However, I found another marketing site that goes into explaining how the program works so you can find out if it is the right program for you. You can find it on PostcardMania, and you can even give them a call for a free consultation. Let us know if you decide to go direct, and how it works out for you!
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