Two questions:
  1. Should I break my training video into under 2 minute segments?
  2. If so, does YouTube allow me to present them in proper order?
I plan to upload training videos to YouTube, linking to them from our website. I understand that current wisdom dictates that a single video should not exceed 3 minutes. At the moment, mine is a bit over 11 minutes and I still have the wrap-up to go. The video does break into 5 distinct segments (each with its own transition title "page") so I could break them into a video series.
However, as it stands, all but one of the segments would be under 2 minutes.

What would you do?


That's what I would recommend: Break it into 5 shorter segments appropriately title (e.g., Video 1: Title).

Alternatively, upload 6 videos: the 5 shorter segments and the full video. That gives your audience the choice of how to watch the instructions. You should add a description of the video series under each individual video.

To be honest, I'm not certain how you do this but if you set it up as a channel then I believe visitors would see a list of the available videos when they visit.


I would probably segment the video in shorter, more consumable pieces. If you do this, I would recommend writing a really hefty, keyword-rich description. You could even write the transcript of the video and then format it in a way that makes sense.

Using a playlist would allow you to present the videos to your audience in the correct order. Once your audience finish watching one video in a playlist, the next video will load around 5 seconds after it.
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