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A Medical Marijuana Website biz journey

Discussion in 'General Business and Entrepreneurship' started by Alex Lee, Jan 8, 2015.

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  1. Alex Lee

    Alex Lee Member

    Ok hey guys, so first off this is a cross over post from a follow along i'm doing over in the Dojo: Starting from nothing - The Weed journy check it out if you want to see where i'm at with the actual website.

    This follow along is going to be about the buisness side of things, I'm going to try and be as honest and transparent as possible and up date this as much as i can as i'm right at the begining of this long adventure

    The website itself is The MMJ Nation Its basically a social platform with 5 pillers surounding it

    - Social platform
    - Reviews area
    - Recipes
    - Careers
    - Article/publications
    - E-Learning platform

    Each section has its own way of generating income either via things being featured or comissions off courses sold via the E-learning platform.

    This is the first site i'm making that has the potential to make me some money and in the long term quiet a bit if i play things right. I've never actualy made any money online, well nothing worth talking about, but i build sites for a living, so in some ways i do. Any how,

    My current situation
    I work as a consultant for a department in the World Health Org, technet-21, i'm 26... shit i think yah.. 1988 in feb 27.. haha might have smoked a bit to much of my own medicaton... any how, I'm in the worst situation possible really, I Live in Genvea Switzerland, I've got debts up to my.. well here we say Act de Default de Bien, which basically says i have nothing they can take and that they can't seize any thing. i've been living with two room mates who have ended up becoming drug adicts, Not that i have any thing against drugs but there is a moment where to much is to much any how, (i don't take drugs i only smoke weed, if you consider that as a drug well this follow along might not be for you o_O). Oh and we're beeing kicked out at the end of the month. So that basically sets the where i'm starting from. As i said I'm working for the World Health org as a consultant from home, i've just signed for 75k CHF for this year basic website developement and maitenance, so i do have an income. I do out source most of the work so i'm only really managing a Team.

    Now that you know where i'm at we can start the jurney together,

    i've been on and off the online game for the last 7 years never really made any thing, but last year things changed for me. I knew that Cannabis was going to be a huge buisness wheather your like it or not, Its just some thing that is going to happend. you may say its been *surposed* to be beeing leaglized or available for years, but now that the US is actually doing it i'm not going to miss out on the oppertunites, at least Names like Sir Richard Bradson, are heavilly investing in the war on drugs, and Cannabis is one where, there is really is no sence for it to being illeagl you can't overdose from weed. It ends there really. any how thats not why we're here.
    Sites have been poping up for years really, and i've always wondered why i've never set some thing up, Weed is a hobby of my'n i smoke for the pleasure of the taste just like you would sip a nice 21 year old whiskey i also smoke for the high (i'm hyperactve and i allows me to keep my ideas straight, i just need to double check every thing) of course but its also the plant its self fasinates me. begining 2014 i left my ex-associate and started my web develpment biz, i've been extreamlly cautious on how i procees in this buisness and have only been working for the one client now i've set up a team including using the landing page guys for design work i may have (i consider people i work with as my team, i hate the buyer and supply term for some reason.

    As i had a bit more free time on my hands I decided to set my mind to building a site dedicated to the Medical Marijuana industry, as i said earlier.

    a little less than a year has past and i'm finally getting to the stage where i need to think about what happends if this does work and i do make money off it.

    i've figured out how i'm going to monize the site, i'm getting the marketing meterial ready at the moment. But knowing my situation i've got to think about my debts i can't get a loan, my ego is stopping me from going to get some finacial help and i sure as hell can't set up a comany in my name.

    That beeing said, i'm hoping this year i'll be able to pay off my debts and then set up a company as i should be. So this is going to be just that jurney.

    First understanding what a website buisness is , Like for example, its a website, juristically what are my activitys? the site i have has loads of activity i can potientially make money off. but how do you declare your activitys

    Do i open up as an indervidual or as and SARL (Ltd i think) of course this is all if i start making money on the site, Tax wise whats best?

    I'm in switzerland i don't pay much tax but from one "Conton" to the next you get better deals like for example Zug you would only pay 7% company tax and in Geneva 13 or 14 i can't remember exaclly. so how can i use that to my advantage?

    What do you mean the structure of the company? I'm on my own and thats it really. Loads of questions are running though my mind and i don't have any answers really.

    Shit this is turning in to a long start of a follow along but basically This is the start and i hope you enjoy the jurney

    Take care keep blazed

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  2. K

    K Member

    Loved following this and happy to be a part of it!

    Great to see you here man keep at it!
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  3. TannerD

    TannerD Member

    Please keep updating this its inspiring - are you going to go for funding?
  4. Alex Lee

    Alex Lee Member

    Thanks guys yeah this part will be a bit slower than in the DOJO as i'll be doing things backwards once i start making some cash i'll be thinking about how i need to make it all happened.

    One update i may have is i've had to ask for some help, as i'm being kicked out of the apartment in a couple of days i've had to go to some social crap to ask for help, if you qualify they pay your debts and you just pay them back. Look i hate having to do this and its eating at my brain bit by bit, but i've sadly got no other solution i need to get my self of the red list and get my self an apartment quickly and declare my self i guess this means i've hit rock bottom. But the good news is it can only move up from here on out. Hate asking for help i'm a freaking entrepreneur, ok i've had some bad times but shit i should be able to get my self out of shit with out asking for help, Well New rule, when no other option opens up for you make sure your ego is swallowed and you ask for help. It could be what changes your life. Never get as bogged down as i have, i've got my head stuck in the sand and i'm not going to go any where if i don't get help.

    any how keep following over in the DOJO be more frequently updated.

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