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A perfect social media campaign looks fake. People want to interact with real people. Meta offers six tips for brand to better match the unpolished format of social media content:
  1. Feature real people, such as employees and customers, rather than actors.
  2. Embrace the target platform’s trending content formats, such as dance effects.
  3. Work with creators.
  4. Offer behind-the-scenes content to “lift the veil on artifice.”
  5. Don’t overedit the content. Meta points to luxury brands as particularly effective in “using lo-fi production tools and techniques to suggest a sense of hand-crafted intrigue.”
  6. Make people laugh.

Read the full story here: 6 tips for social media imperfection - SmartBrief

Dora Wi

Aug 19, 2020
The term "curated imperfection" has popped up on my radar a lot recently. Showing glimpses of the mishaps and struggles that go on in the background definitely makes content more relatable and approachable for people, and I like the trend of embracing our imperfections.

With most things, it's just important not to overdo it and to be aware of what is actually relatable or entertaining to people.


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