Hey Guys, New here. I was messaged on reddit and told it would be a good idea to post this here. It's a bit long (3k +), so I will link it.


Basically, it goes through how you can create a content marketing strategy and why you are really hurting your business if you don't have one in place.

Kathryn M.

One thing I would add is to make sure you have all of your content written down on a calendar. That way you know when each piece of content is due to go live. You do not have to remember when to do it or what to post.

I cannot tell you how much a content calendar saved by brain. Having all my ideas in my head drove me crazy. Once I wrote each idea/content that I wanted to release on a monthly calendar, showing me the entire month at one time, all my content/idea creation anxieties went away. Everything is organized and in it's place. I no longer have to remember to do something or figure out when to post it live. It's already been added to my calendar and set in stone, so I know it will get done.
Thats an interesting article. In what area have you experienced the 'influencers' as you call them ? I'm quite interested to hear a little more about this if possible. I produce promotional materials but find that there is a small problem with having to ensure my content is seen as 'cool' enough by some people, while also being serious and professional enough by others within the same industry, it can be a fine line sometimes.


Thank you for sharing this article to us here. Very relevant and helpful.

I still believe content marketing is ideal for a business. Always make the best out of the internet.
Unfortunately this link is dead. However apparently one of the authors gave a talk based on this article.

Here is the link via YouTube:

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