Apr 13, 2018
  1. Google Analytics is a tool to help analyze your website performance. You can track the most important growth metrics and compare them to previous months. It also provides detailed reports on your audience, content performance, traffic, and so much more.
  2. Later is a scheduling tool that aids in brand aesthetics and effectiveness, specifically with Instagram. Currently, Instagram is one of the top social media platforms, so you want to make sure that your presence is visible if potential clients search for you there.
  3. Mailchimp is a tool that helps your email marketing strategy. While building on social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest are important, you’re limited to the constraints of those channels. This makes it a bit difficult to move potential clients through a sales funnel and provides little control beyond engagement.
  4. Hootsuite is a tool that allows you to schedule social media posts and monitor each platform’s space with the click of a button. This is perfect for those who don’t want to spend too much time on social media but still want a growing presence.
  5. Google Alerts is a tool that allows you to stay up-to-date with conversations about your brand. Whether it’s a blog shoutout, negative feedback, or client praise, you can proactively monitor what is happening online in regards to your brand. It could also help with effectively handling a crisis.
  6. Canva is a tool that makes graphic design super easy and user-friendly - no design skills required. If you want to build a custom LinkedIn header or Instagram post, then the sky’s the limit with this platform.

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Nov 13, 2019
Great tools! I actually really love Canva, Hootsuite, and Later. All are super duper helpful in your social media presence.

But, as a growing entrepreneur, having someone to help you in building your brand and your online presence is actually a smart move. Focus on your business and hire someone to work on your brand!
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