The landscape in marketing has changed so dramatically in the last 5 years and there is so much advice out there it can be difficult to ascertain what really is the best course of action for a new business on a bootstrap budget ($1000).

I want to provide a promotional service to tour guides and I'd love to hear Top 5 Tips for getting my message out to 1000 tour companies as quickly as possible.


I suggest, since your business is going to be about travel/tour guides, you have got to utilize the internet, and make the best out of it. You can create your own website, and do your promotions there. You can also advertise your services on various social media sites. All the best!


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The key thing for me is that you answer the below 3 questions BEFORE you spend any marketing $$$. For me the common mistake when it comes to marketing is that a lot of business owners often jump to execution mode too early. I just posted on another thread but here are the 3 questions you should aim to answer in as much detail as you can. This will help you distil what matters to your audience and with that probably highlight where you should focus your marketing energy on.
  1. What Problem do you solve? (80% of businesses fail not least because there was no market opportunity to begin with! If you solve someone's problem they will be happy to pay you)
  2. For whom are you solving this problem? (The key here is to define your target audience and less is definitely more in the beginning! The more narrow you can be, the more specific you can talk to them. You will also be in a much better position to address the problem you are solving for whom this matters the most. We often make the mistake at trying to appeal to everyone. But unless you've got unlimited funds Jack of all trade and master of none is marketing suicide! So I suggest you go even more granular than tour guides. What tour guides? People that work for themselves ie. tour operators will have different pain points than people that are working for someone else, etc.)
  3. How are you solving this problem better than anyone else? (Unique selling propositions are a very rare thing these days. If you've got one - well done! But even then within a few months typically your competition has caught up. Once your product/service has been commoditized you have to win on superior customer experience! So do your research and find out what it takes to be better than your competitors)
Let me know if that was helpful...
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