Hey BizWarriors, just want to share this. It's a summary that I did from listening to one of Brian Tracy's videos on the net sometime ago.

In summary

1. Clarity
2. Progress
3. Completion
4. Recognition
5. Reward

Based on Success Psychology, there 5 steps to high level self motivation:

1. Must have a clear written goal that you're working toward achieving every single day
- you must have target to aim if you want to be successful
2. Must have standards and measures that tells you how much progress you're making toward your goals
- this is why in marathon they have markers in every mile / half mile to keep the runners motivated for the long race
- so they always know how well they are doing
- and how far they have come relative to the goal / finish line
3. Must actually complete a task / goal for you to FEEL successful
- jobs that have no clear beginning or ending cause people to become negative and discouraged, much like government jobs, circular, can never be completed
4. Must have recognition of some kind
- someone must acknowledge that you have done a good job
- this is why most world records are set in front of large cheering audiences
- the more people are cheering and recognising the success experiences, the more motivated people are to perform at their best
5. Must have rewards of some kind
- can be anything but the best rewards are Financial and Material (money or things)
- best part, if nobody provides this type of reward for you
- you can provide it for yourself
- you can give yourself a reward / a series of reward, as you move towards your goals


- most important, BEFORE you even begin any work, DETERMINE what type of reward you're going to give yourself when you achieve that goal
- this will motivate you 24 hours a day, day and night
- and make you feel like a REAL WINNER when you finally achieve the goal


1. Select 1 goal, 1 part of a goal, or 1 task that is important to you
2. Decide upon a reward that you're going to give yourself when you achieve it
3. From now on, think about that reward day and night until you succeed

Remember you can learn a lot of methods to make money (external work), but if you never master your own psychology, you will never achieve the results you want. This method is about mastering your operating system (internal work).
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Recognition and rewards are crucial to creating a success mindset. Without recognition for one's work or rewards at certain milestones, one can begin to feel as though they are wasting their time, and they'll search for something "easier" to do. This is why (in my opinion) it's so important to have entrepreneurial communities that support each other, even across industries -- because when customers haven't quite pulled through yet, those communities will provide the recognition and rewards.
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