1. Lack of Consistency on Social Media
  2. Too Much Self Promotion
  3. Not Knowing Your Audience
  4. Lack of Content Customization
  5. Not engaging your customers
I see a lot of business owners committing these mistakes. They think that once they create a social media profile people are automatically going to flock to it. They expect every post they make is going to go viral. Social media marketing is a lot of work!

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Julia Sta Romana

Top Contributor
May 2, 2017
Julia Sta Romana , the biggest concern is the same ... too much of Junks now. It has gone into so much of over ballooned growth it may burst soon, if members don't realize.

I agree. There's too much junk content out there on social media. I think because creating quality content takes a lot of planning and work. It's easier to just rehash something.
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