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5 Common & Damaging Marketing Mistakes

Discussion in 'Marketing and Promotion' started by Michelle Bondesio, Jan 25, 2016.

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  1. Michelle Bondesio

    Michelle Bondesio Account Closed

    The 5 mistakes mentioned in this post on Entrepreneur are easy to make and interconnected.

    Creating brand consistency allows you to appeal more strongly to a particular customer niche, so your audience assumptions need to match the niche. The niche and assumptions about the audience within that niche need to be tested, which requires investing resources (be they time or money or both).

    It starts with the brand but which ones do you think are most important?
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  2. Jessica Danes

    Jessica Danes MVP Member

    @Michelle Bondesio I think one of the hardest choices can be choosing the right audience. Some products and services are simple - if I am manufacturing a new design of doll, I'd sell it to children (they'd be my audience). If I were selling something broader like a certain style of umbrella, I'd have to choose what angle I want to market it at. I could make it look classy for the suited businessperson, or I could make it stylish for the modern fashionista. In reality, I could probably market it both ways, but I would want to choose one to start.

    Investing too much is also an interesting issue. Like Jayson Demers states in the article,
    You want to allow yourself a buffer to explore different strategies - a don't-put-all-your-eggs-in-one-basket thought process. The beginning is the time to test everything and see what works for you and your business.
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  3. Jrob

    Jrob Member

    I disagree with two points in this article. Large companies can worry about brands. Small businesses need to get out their unique market dominating position with the correct marketing.

    All businesses need to use the right amount of marketing, but some will have a strict marketing budget, which makes no sense. If you have a marketing campaign that costs $1,000 but creates $5,000 in profit, keep running them.
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  4. levis carol

    levis carol Member

    Ignoring the brand is one of the biggest mistakes if you are doing marketing for your business. Your brand serves as a foundation of identity for new and old customers alike.
    Investing too much money before knowing target audience, can create excess waste. The only way to get better is by experiment trying new things and being bold with your strategies, to see which ones work and which ones fail.
  5. eWomenNetwork

    eWomenNetwork Member

    Here are five common mistakes you need to avoid, if you are in marketing:
    • Not monitoring your brand online: You might have an amazing vision for your brand, but what matters is what people say and think. Monitoring your brand online helps you find out what your brand image looks like at any given moment.
    • Not Linking to Your Website: Even if you are small business with limited funding that can’t afford a custom website design right now, you definitely can’t afford to avoid a website altogether.
    • Misusing Social Media: Social media can be a powerful tool in digital marketing, but you need to know how to maximize your reach. Posting the occasional thought is simply not enough. You should have a strong social media strategy that includes search engine optimization, content scheduling and analytics.
    • Slow Responses: When a customer reaches out to you and doesn’t receive a response for days or even weeks, you’ve sent a clear message that they’re not a priority. While it’s okay not to know the answer to every question, at least let your customer know that you ‘re working on it.
    • Not knowing what your competitors are up to: You can’t evaluate how well you’re doing without comparing against others; the same goes for your brand. So, keep an eye on you competitors to stay ahead.

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