Jorge Callaos

Jan 2, 2019
Language is one of the most underappreciated concepts in marketing and sales.

One small word can make or break a sale.

That’s why it’s important for you to carefully choose which words and language patterns you use when communicating with your prospects.

Today I want to give you three words to NEVER use in ANY communication with your prospects…

These are words that will get your prospect’s defenses up, push them away, and possibly erode trust.

Let’s get to them.

1) “Buy”

NEVER, EVER use this word.

The word “buy” signifies a couple of things: (1) that they are about to part with money; (2) that you are selling them (always a no-no); and (3) that they are taking some kind of risk.

Instead of the word buy, use words like “own” or “get access to.”

These words not only keep you from raising your prospect’s defenses but also entice them to buy by preemptively giving them a sense of ownership of your product or service.

Once they have that feeling of ownership, part of them will not want to part with it.

2) “Contract”

This word implies restraint, commitment, and risk of lawsuits.

All of which scare prospects away.

So instead of contract, use the word “agreement.”

Because when you use the word “contract,” you are asking them to sign a piece of paper that will bind and restrain them.

But when you use the word “agreement,” you are implying that the two of you will be working together in a harmonious relationship.

Restraint vs. harmony.

One sounds intimidating; the other sounds agreeable.

The choice is pretty simple here.

3) “Trust me”

Have you ever had someone say to you: “trust me on this…”?

Did you trust them?

Or did them saying that actually cause resistance?

My guess is it probably caused resistance.

If we trust someone, we don’t need them to tell us to trust them.

So if they’re telling us to trust them, we naturally conclude that we don’t trust them.

So don’t ever use those two words.

Simply speak with certainty and with the conviction that your product or service is the solution to your prospect’s pain points.

You want to show and imply that your solution is the trusted solution that will get them the results they are seeking.

But you never want to outright say it.

Your prospect’s “bullshit radar” will instantly go off if you do.


Always be careful with the language you use.

Every word you say – whether it’s spoken or written – will have one of two effects:

(1) It will create rapport and harmony with your prospect; or

(2) It will create resistance and push them away.

So make sure to use your words carefully.

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