Below are 4 Mindfulness Tips for Entrepreneurs During the Holidays:

  • Schedule Everything - The holidays are some of the busiest times of the year between balancing client work, gift shopping, and everything in between. To give you peace of mind, schedule everything you have coming up work-wise and in your personal life into one calendar. And try to get dates of events as soon as possible so you can plan accordingly. By being consistent with this habit, you can easily manage everything coming your way. But, if you think you might not have enough time to accomplish something, delegate it to someone else or see how you can outsource.
  • Set Boundaries (And Stick to Them) - Do you often say ‘yes’ too much? Remember that overworking yourself is often your own doing. Take everything you have going on into consideration before committing to anything outside of work that you must get done. The holidays might not be the best time to take on new projects or more workloads. And the worst-case scenario, agreeing to something you don’t get done on time can lead to negative consequences. Be realistic of what you can and cannot do during this time. If you agree to help a client out, will you be missing out on a family gathering? You always have the option to say yes, but just be sure that you are making the best decision given your situation.
  • Don’t Feel Guilty - ‘Tis the season to be cheerful and merry. Don’t waste the holidays feeling guilty about wanting to spend time with loved ones and taking the time to recharge yourself. Be present over the holidays and focus on the people around you. You’re able to work pretty much whenever you would like, but spending time with the people who matter to you the most should be a priority because it might not come often. A break also gives your body and mind a chance to rebuild and refocus. You’ll come back once all the celebrations are done with a fresh perspective, ready to do more with your business and be more successful than before.
  • Delegate Workload - The best way to ensure that your business is still functioning efficiently is to put systems in place. Delegate as much work as possible to you and your team members. Create timelines and establish due dates for any projects being worked on during the holidays so everyone is on the same page. Your team members will most likely be looking forward to time off, so be mindful of how you’re preparing them to be able to get their work done but also spend time away. This doesn’t just stop in the workplace. Get family members and friends to help with holiday preparations. We all know how much work goes into decorating, cooking, shopping… the list goes on and on. So, devise a plan with your loved ones and the holidays will be more enjoyable for all.

Julia Sta Romana

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Don't feel guilty!!!

I need to keep reminding myself of that. I deserve to rest. I deserve mental health breaks. The world will not end if I stop working!
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