Apr 13, 2018
From figuring out which systems to put in place, and onboarding the right talent to increasing brand awareness through marketing efforts, small business entrepreneurs have to get creative about solutions to improve efficiency and increase productivity. The best starting point is what you’re about to read. Here are few productivity tips that you might not even know about yet that will help you as a small business entrepreneur:
  • Invest in Social Media - It’s the best way to market yourself that takes minimal time and can be done at a low cost. Consumers love feeling special, so adding your personal touch by creating a mini-community online can create consumer loyalty. All you have to do is carve out 30 - 45 minutes a day to share a post, respond to comments, answer messages, promote your service/product, and connect with the people who support your business. It shows that you genuinely care about who your consumers are and what they want.
  • Automate Tasks When You Can - This can help you be even more productive, no matter the size of your team. Outsourcing or setting tasks up to get done through special software systems can save so much time and money. Research what resources you can take advantage of so you can create more time to focus on core activities.
  • Get Rid of Time Wasters. -Eliminate activities that take up too much time with little to no return on investment. As a small business owner, you wear multiple hats. But is every hat necessary? Take time to review your actions every day and get rid of the ones that aren’t helping your business grow or are just taking up too much time. Refer to the last tip and see if you can automate anything or hire on other talent to do so.
Oct 11, 2020
Thanks for sharing your tips! I really like how you've emphasized in investing in social media as many entrepreneurs missed on that point. One way to make a pandemic-proof business is to increase your digital presence and reach out to the audience you really desire. One great thing to remember though is that not everyone is your customer. So, in your hopes to increase leads for your business, let it be known that not everyone is your customer. To give business owners an advantage to their entrepreneurial journey, here are characteristics they need to develop based on research.

Julia Sta Romana

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May 2, 2017
Another productivity tip I would like to add: Don't forget to take a break!

Working from has actually made it harder for most of us to stop working. There's no division between your work life and personal life anymore. You have to make boundaries to make sure you don't burn out.
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