Apr 13, 2018
The constant evolution of social media can make it difficult to stay on top of social media etiquette and best practices, especially if you’re an entrepreneur who has a million other things to attend to. When it comes to social media etiquette for business, it takes practice to fully get a grasp on how these tips apply to your day-to-day execution.

Here are 14 social media DON’TS when it comes to social media etiquette for businesses:
  1. DON’T: Have one social media page for your personal and business account
  2. DON’T: Post whenever you want / can
  3. DON’T: Forget to use social media holidays
  4. DON’T: Dismiss engaging with others and encouraging engagement
  5. DON’T: Ignore the power of video content
  6. DON’T: Fall for Trolls
  7. DON’T: Use excessive amounts of hashtags
  8. DON’T: Post too much promotional content
  9. DON’T: Forget to do a spelling and grammar check
  10. DON’T: Overuse emojis, caps, and punctuations
  11. DON’T: Share without researching first
  12. DON’T: Obsess about the numbers
  13. DON’T: Forget to give credit where credit is due
  14. DON’T: Post on remembrance holidays or during tragedies

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