Jun 29, 2018
To say that it is difficult to obtain funds for your business, especially when you do not have savings or money to start it, is to underestimate the situation because basically, money does not grow on trees.

But if you believe in your business idea is really viable and willing to take risks, here is a list of alternative ways to obtain financing for your company:

1. Save

You do not have to start a business immediately. If you are patient enough, you can save for a small business. With $ 1,000 you can start selling fast food, for example. Now, if you want to venture into the world of franchising, from US $ 10,000 will achieve an approach. And while it is a large amount of money, but if you are enthusiastic, frugal and orderly enough, you could save this amount in less than 5 years.

2. Suppliers

Look for companies that are willing to deliver resources that serve as support for their growth. Take advantage of different industries that promote their products through promotional assets.

It is also sensible to have as an ally someone who specializes in small business problems instead of, say, maritime law. Make sure the professional is willing to take on small problems; If you try to collect a small bill, for example, to get your immediate audience to understand the mission of your company without having to invest more of their own resources.

3. Liquidate unproductive assets

If you have assets that are depreciating, you might consider selling them. The value of automobiles generally depreciates. So, when it comes to deciding what to sell, your car may be the best option, much more if you know that your idea has a future.

Other things you could sell, depending on how much you need for your investment, are jewelry, gadgets, expensive handbags, limited edition comics / merchandising, basically anything worth selling. Keep in mind that the online market offers multiple options to access markets that give value to this type of thing.

4. Investor angels

You can always ask for a loan from your friends or relatives and that they will serve as a protection for your idea. Although it is understandable that you do not do it in the first instance because it is a delicate matter to talk with your loved ones.

A tip: To address this alternative you must have a concrete and detailed business plan to present your idea. If it's just an outline, with nothing tangible for people to see, it will be harder for their loved ones to believe in their proposal. With a detailed plan, you could easily persuade them

5. Factoring

This is a method of financing in which a company sells its accounts receivable at a discount to obtain cash in advance. It is often used by companies with little credit or by companies such as apparel manufacturers, who must fulfill orders long before they are paid. Companies that sell accounts receivable generally pay a fee that is a percentage of the total amount. The trade enables organizations to offer records receivable to many organizations in the meantime, alongside speculative stock investments, banks, and other financial companies.

6. Private capital and risk capital

This option is based on the stage in which the development of your idea is since it will be difficult to find a venture capital or a capital company that is willing to invest if you are very raw. On the other hand, this type of companies or company does not specialize in small amounts of cash and you must have a capital before you start working with you. However, if you have big plans and a viable strategy, consider this possibility.

7. Corporate adventures

If your idea is really great, you want a helping hand to get it started in terms of finances and other resources, consider being incubated by a larger company. It is not for everyone, especially if you are not willing to give up a certain degree of direction and control, but if you find the right partner you can find start-up funds, office space, marketing and even human resources provided for you.

8. Credit cards

It is not the ideal way to start your business, but many entrepreneurs have successfully financed the first stages of their company with plastic. However, it will have to be strict. Depending on the handling of interest rates you can maneuver. Approach this method of financing with extreme caution, but there is no need to discard it completely if you need a relatively low sum of money for a short period.

9. Organic growth

Starting a consultancy from home? Do you have an idea for a website that you can build and program yourself? There have been many successful companies in recent years that started with zero or insignificant amounts of cash. This type of financing method works well if you are offering a product or service in which you receive an advance payment, 50% is the ideal. The income received can be used to restart the growth of the business. Without a doubt, it is the most adverse way to start a business, and while it may not be the fastest route to a volume of large businesses, there is nothing that prevents you from getting there over time.

10. Crowdfunding

If you think your business idea is an absolutely wonderful one and people can really accept it, you can try crowdfunding.

A crowdfunding site like Kickstarter can be a fun and effective way to raise money for a low-cost creative project. Set a goal about how much money you would like to raise over a period of time. Crowdfunding campaigns are based on creativity, on knowing how to read the current market.

In general, project creators offer incentives for pledges, for example, if they contribute the US $20 for a video game, offer a copy of the full version of the game, with additional merchandise such as posters and other products at the end of development.

Combine Forces
Finally, you can use the above recommendations as a cooking recipe where you take an ingredient to taste and use it in the best way. The issue of funding lies in the ability to gather information and use it at the time of the execution of your project. There is no single success formula and yours may be the combination of many forms of force.
Jun 29, 2018
You should also try checking out this website I just recently came across called HelloAlice that is specifically designed for helping entrepreneurs. It's totally free and has literally everything you could possibly need to start a business from scratch as well as how to fund a business successfully. Would highly recommend! Good luck!!!


Jul 5, 2018
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Aug 21, 2018
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Sep 8, 2021
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