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    Creating smart homes

    With the rapid growth of Internet of Things, smart and well-connected home automation system is expected to grow from 83 million in 2015 to 193 million by 2020. So here are a few ways in which these smart devices will make our lives better: 1) Convenience is surely the best gift of home...
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    Choosing the Design Agency

    You’re ready with your product, got your first round of funding and now it is the time to select the correct design agency to ensure your users are guaranteed a seamless experience. While you might get a long list from your Google Search results, you’re just not sure which one to pick for your...
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    What is an experience map?

    The strategic design process which helps the designers to comprehend and communicate user interactions with the organization through a visual flow to create consensus among all the stakeholders.
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    Responsive Design Problems

    Though responsive design becomes one of the best answers to the growing demands of adjusting to so many screen layouts and resolutions, user experience might be affected when the users find their usual mobile elements in different places, replicating that of a webpage.
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    What is Eyetracking?

    Eye tracking is the process of measuring where the eyes are focused when an individual sees an interface. It helps to understand which part of the interface is getting highlighted and which part is missed out.
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    What do you mean by Red Route in User Experience?

    In order to complete the critical activities, the users generally pass through a complex route which includes going through several pages. The easiest user flow route to complete the set of actions is called red route. The designers should try to minimize the number of obstacles in this red...
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    Are you able to measure the success of your startups in terms of design and technology?

    There is so much of data and analytics available on your site, but it becomes extremely difficult when you need to measure the return on investment of the user experience. A most common example can be number of page views. A large number of page views means your marketing efforts are reaping...
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    Are you planning to create your own ecommerce store?

    Here are a few tips to keep in mind before joining the ecommerce sphere. Navigation bar is like the menu of a restaurant. It should include everything in a formatted and easily visible design. Your users are too lazy to look into all the details of a menu bar. Always give them a search option...
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    Apple vs. FBI...

    What are your thoughts?
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    How to help ensure your content hooks your readers

    To keep your readers (and potential customers) on your site and reading your content, the design and layout of your site should complement your content. This post covers 7 user experience principles that can help: 1. Start above the fold 2. Make the aesthetics digestible 3. Create scannable...