supply chain

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    Improving visibility in your business.

    Hi, As there are various strategies are being followed by the managers now a days with the changing trends, i am curious to know that what are the few technologies or strategies you are using to improve end to end visibility in your business specially if it is concerned with supply chain business.
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    Big data analytics for supply chain management.

    Hi there, I am here to know about some supply chain strategies as i have been studying about supply chain management these days. So, i am curious to that is how big data analytics is helpful in reducing supply chain complexities and what are the methods used for the same?
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    Block chain technology for your business.

    Have anyone heared about block chain technology? I would like to know about the concept of the same and how long it would be beneficial for your business specially in concern with supply chain business. Please share your thoughts on the same.
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    Difference between warehousing and data warehousing

    Hello everyone, I was going through few articles regarding warehouses. But i got confused with some terminologies about warehousing. So, my question is that Is there any difference in data warehousing and warehousing or are they same? Please clear my confusion.
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    Supply Chain Management and Logistics Management

    Supply chain management and logistics management are often considered the same. Please let me know what is the difference between Supply Chain Management and Logistics Management? Not looking for any expert/complicated answer. Just a basic difference.Thanks in advance.
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    Hi there, My name is suman verma. I am from delhi and I work for a supply chain company named holisol logistics. I work as a content writer here. I am here to explore more about the industry which will help me in generating authentic content and grab some good knowledge about the same.