1. Small to Feds

    Featured The 5 Most Difficult Skills to Acquire In Managing A Small Business

    1. DEVELOPING the ability to cross organizational lines and make disparate groups or functional organizations work together with only your power of persuasion and your contract going for you. 2. EVOLVING the art of directing resources without having them report to you while keeping clients and...
  2. Y

    Closing sales hacks

    In fact, I cannot even imagine that I’m able to make my customers buy something so easily. These techniques let me increase my earnings and promote my store. They surely work but I’d like to learn some of your experience of using the closing sales techniques. Share your experience, please.
  3. L

    What does it take to be successful?

    There are many ideas floating around in this economy about what it takes to be successful. Books by the 100's provide a prescription, a plan, or a word of advice. Most turn out to be very helpful but, I have noticed there is one thing missing from all of them. It is the one thing that is a...
  4. Danny Schaffer

    Still not sure whether entrepreneurship is right for you?

    I recently came across this awesome post by Billy Murphy a former poker pro who talks about why entrepreneurship is the most sensible career choice for anyone who's hungry for more than the traditional 9-5 job. Main takeaways of the article are: Betting on yourself (i.e. becoming an...
  5. MattC

    Mindsets and Adversity

    Hello All, Another small businessperson by the name of Matthew here just making the transition to self-employment and ownership. I'm sure this place will be a fantastic area to cultivate creative thinking and open discussion! More specifically, I hope to focus, here on BizWarriors, on the...
  6. Bruno Moreira-Guedes

    The Greatest Challenge You Have Ever Faced

    Just for fun... Tell us the greatest challenge you have ever faced in your entrepreneur life! And tell us how did you faced it, what did you do, and what outcomes have you had. Don't be ashamed if it's not a beautiful success story; failures sometimes provide much more knowledge and experience...
  7. Robert Squires

    Hello Im Robert

    How are you doing I am new to the site getting the feel for the site if you have and Questions please feel free to contact me
  8. I

    Awesome self-help books for entrepreneurs

    Here's a great article on self-help books. I have personally read all four of these books but I would also recommend the extended version of 'The Richest Man in Babylon'. If anyone can suggest anymore fast-paced learning, drop the titles below and I will check them out :) Thanks...
  9. Marketer

    What will you do in the next 100 days?

    I just watched the PBS series 'The Roosevelts' One take away the 'First 100 Days' concept. For more information on this watch the PBS mini-series or go to: The First 100 Days: Franklin Roosevelt Pioneered the 100-Day Concept 'During FDR's first months in office, he pushed 15 major bills...
  10. Francis K

    Satori Mode

    Hello my fellow EntreFix friends, comrades, and compatriots. Today my co-host Billy Hauser and I launched our podcast, Satori Mode, in the iTunes Store. In the last year, podcasts have played a major part in expanding my mind, my web design business, and my contacts with other like-minded...
  11. Kevin A

    Need An Investor For Small Business Idea In Los Angeles

    Hello i want to get some connections for this investment i need i have a full business plan that i will like to go over the investor the investment i am asking is for the amount of $2,000 and will give back 10% of anually sales and in return of the $2,000 invested. i just need small investment i...