1. BizWarriors

    How did you find the BizWarriors Forum?

    How did you find the site?
  2. Ironcore

    Hello bizwarriors — Here's A Short Greeting And Introduction

    Hello. Nice to meet you. I'm Oskar Westerlund. Here's a short overview of who I am. Before I became a full-time entrepreneur I studied entrepreneurship at Hanken School of Economics in Helsinki — Finland. I graduated with a Master of Science (Economics and Business Administration) degree. Near...
  3. ect-founder

    What do you guys think of this strategy?

    This idea that I have will generate leads, extra income, interaction, publicity, and possible new clients/customers, and connections (at least, it should if done right). But I will try to summarize this, so some details may be left out. The idea is this: My startup will send out surveys (and...
  4. ctfranklin28

    Where do you store ideas?

    It's one thing to come up with a brilliant idea (I believe we all have ideas that for one reason or another we don't act upon), but it's another to build a system for collecting ideas. I've slowly started working in this area with James Altucher's advice to write 10 ideas every day to build your...
  5. Growthguy2

    2016 Personal Planning

    I am in the process of completing my 2016 personal strategic plan and want to pass on 15 questions that I find extremely helpful. My planning has to do with setting personal goals for the year…which are birthed from my vision for my life…and tie directly into my financial plan. These 15...
  6. Ellic

    Fashion is my passion

    Hi there, I am currently a Consultant for an IT Firm, with a dream of starting my own fashion label. I have no desire of becoming the next Channel, I want to design for the every day women to make them feel amazing!!! I would love to know any tips or advice on how to start this new...
  7. R

    Surviving the Business Merry-Go-Round

    Life, by its very nature, is an emotional merry-go-round. In the world of business negotiations, how you ride that whirling carousel of human feelings and relationships can either throw you from the saddle or help you snag the winner’s brass ring. Early in my career, working for master...
  8. R

    Financial Problems? DON'T do these 5 things!

    All business operations involve some degree of risk...and sometimes that risk turns on you and your company faces serious financial problems. It happens. Many owners, officers, and managers often overreact, act in haste, or make one of these 5 major mistakes because they: Refuse to radically...