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  1. vitaltelcom

    Facebook Location based targeting

    Hello Everyone, I am promoting my website on Facebook. But my audience is only UK. I want to know some tips and tactics on how can i get more audience only from UK. How can you target your audience when you are not running paid ads and increase your customer base. Any help is appreciated...
  2. G

    Not seeing much sales from instagram

    Hi everyone, Not long we started to send content to instagram but we are not seeing much sales nor website clicks from our Instagram page, what would anybody recommend us to change? Instagram username: Hqmwatches
  3. T

    Social Media Marketer - Instagram

    Hey guys, I am Tammo :) I provide a service for Instagram so that you gain more attention on the platform. So if you own a business, if you want to become an influencer or simply boost your account shoot me a message and I´ll get in touch with you! And the best is: It is all organic (no fake...
  4. Tafari Deansingh

    Introducing My Self :)

    Hey, my name is Tafari Dean. Hopefully I meet people. I can fly across the country and mastermind or build a business some day. I do digital marketing for doctors and affiliate products.
  5. MillennialMotivator

    Looking to get started on Youtube?

    Want to be a youtuber? Not sure how to get started on Youtube? Today we give you the tips, tricks and advice you need to get started and building your channel today!
  6. MillennialMotivator

    Vero: The Instagram Killer?

    The social media world is buzzing! Can Vero kill Instagram or is it all hype? Come check out the death battle!
  7. Jessica Nath

    How to cut down time marketing through social media

    Does anyone have any recommendations for cutting down some time spent on social media marketing? It takes me hours to put together social media calendars, and a lot of the posts share the same videos, etc. with different copy. Do you know of any programs that will make this quicker? Right now...
  8. Jessica Nath

    How do you handle linking with Instagram?

    Does anyone have any recommendations for linking programs for Instagram? I know Like2Buy, but it's so expensive!
  9. Jessica Nath

    Twitter Marketing

    What are the most valuable tweets and what makes them so valuable?
  10. Danny Schaffer

    Visual Storytelling on Social [NOTES]

    Hey Warriors, Thought I'd share a few notes from a great article I came across this week on visual storytelling for brands. Storytelling has always played a major role in the development of brand. In terms of content marketing, nowadays the big leverage is in visual storytelling. Here are a...
  11. Chuck Bartok

    Looks like a good place to engage

    Hello everyone. I am a serial entrepreneur who set my Definite Major Purpose of life in 1960 as a college freshman. Declared to life a life of Autonomy and Help Others. Has been very rewarding and the past 20 years have ben focused on the "helping others"side, and still maintain Autonomy. I...
  12. B

    Need Advice

    we are thinking to build an app which allow travel blogger ,travel influencer ,photographer and ETC, person can provide service to hotel and hotel provide them room for their service like barter trade is it good idea or not
  13. Maylis Boardman


    Is Tumblr relevant to the UK market? I am setting up my social media for my new business and I can only find stats for the USA in regards to Tumblr. Does anyone here use it will good results?
  14. djentre

    Brands that have done it right?

    So, I know a lot of big brands who simply don't know what they're doing when it comes to using social networks or other ways of internet marketing. But, there are definitely some not-so-big brands who have been able to capitalize on social media to create massive followings and generate buzz...
  15. K

    Can I gain about 5,000 unique daily visitors without PPC campaigns?

    Well, I belong to the group of people who do not prefer to jump straight on to the PPC bandwagon. Rather, I like to draw traffic towards my website using a blend of services intended for organic traffic, such as SEO, video marketing, article marketing, social bookmarking and social media...
  16. Barbara Southwell

    White Label Social Media / Private Label Social Media

    Hi everyone, I got a note to create a post introducing myself so here it is. I have 15 years experience in the digital marketing industry and for the last 4 years have been running Retortal. If you are thinking about starting up a company selling social media services then please get in...
  17. N

    How too make something go viral

    Learning about social marketing, found that making you content go viral is as good as It gets because It gets you & your content Infront of a substantially large amount of people(world). For low costs which is better than any CPC service. I read articles and stories about making content go...
  18. Michelle Bondesio

    Laura Roeder's Business and Life Philosophy

    Laura Roeder is a super-successful entrepreneur who took the social media industry by storm in her 20's. In this interview published on Medium she shares: the childhood influences that paved the way for her success how she transitioned from a designer to a social media entrepreneur (with zero...
  19. Nunzio Presta

    The Influence of Social Media in Business & Entrepreneurship!

    Social media is a great way to connect with your followers, fans & clients in order to answer pressing questions, provide guidance & advice or just to say hello! I was asked a question via our Instagram account – and I jumped on the opportunity to provide an answer! Read more by clicking here.