1. BizWarriors

    How did you find the BizWarriors Forum?

    How did you find the site?
  2. janeoftrades

    How do you qualify sales leads?

    How do you qualify sales leads for your business to help you identify a good lead vs. a bad lead for your business?
  3. S

    Online Sales Training

    Hey Biz Warriors! Has anyone had any experience with an online/self-service sales training provider? If so, Which company did you use? What was your experience like? How were you/your team impacted by this way of learning?
  4. Lisa B

    New Here.... Juice Bar Owner

    Hi everyone. I am new here and happy to be added. A little about the juice bar... All organic and cold pressed (=lots of manual work and smaller profit margin). Open 1.5 years, with steady repeat customers but just paying the bills so far. Well trained team, great reviews, clean facility. But...
  5. Mike Branton

    What is your biggest challenge in sales?

    All of us have areas where we are strong, and areas where we are more challenged. What is yours? To start the sharing, I find that I am most challenged by dealing with rude gatekeepers. I know it is not a good quality in me, but I often have to fight back the urge to be "snarky" with them...
  6. enevins87

    Affiliate sales campaign

    Hi everyone. I'm looking to launch a new online subscription-based product and have a small audience right now. Does anyone have any experience and advice using affiliate networks to boost sales? I'm prepared to offer attractive commissions in a cost-per-sale model to help bring in sales early...
  7. Y

    Closing sales hacks

    In fact, I cannot even imagine that I’m able to make my customers buy something so easily. These techniques let me increase my earnings and promote my store. They surely work but I’d like to learn some of your experience of using the closing sales techniques. Share your experience, please.
  8. ctfranklin28

    Agree? If Selling Makes You Feel Sleazy, You're Doing It Wrong

    Came across this article from Pia Silva: If Selling Makes You Feel Sleazy, You're Doing It Wrong Do you think she's right?
  9. Success Forever

    Introducing Success Forever

    Hello everybody, my name is Hamidi Reid from Success Forever. I help young people, sales people and entrepreneurs triple your results in life and business. In short I teach people skills to gain wealth, power and freedom. I am excited to be able to contribute to this community and am looking...
  10. Kasey Jones

    Portland Marketing Coach and Consultant here!

    Hey all, just getting my feet wet here, but excited to learn from all of you. A little about me: I'm a revenue development coach in Portland, OR. I help teams and businesses better understand their buyers, so they can develop and execute smart, cost-effective demand generation campaigns that...
  11. Jan

    Digital Platform For Business Owners/CEOs, Who Want To Learn How To Sell - No Money Needed

    Hi everyone, I thought it would be a very useful idea to create a digital platform for business owners, that would include everything I know about B2B sales. I want to make sure that it's really good, so I'm putting together a survey that will let me know what is your number one problem with...
  12. A


    Hi, I am sales head at the financial firm named Furnish loans, which provides online payday loans Denver for people with bad credit. I am looking for office supplies for my new office.
  13. C


  14. Macferguson

    From an idea to success, what would you do?

    Hi Entrepreneurs, I joined this forum late last year with almost no idea what I wanted to do. Now, after a little advice from you lot, I am back with a plan! Anyway, my idea is to create a Sales and installations solutions company in the UK providing Y product to both the business and public...
  15. K

    Suggest a suitable online marketing plan for fresh online entrepreneurs

    I have wondered for a long period of time how exactly to go about online marketing campaigns from the viewpoint of a person selling online services? Well, there are quite a few tools that can come to the rescue of novices. However, some people insist on hiring a SEO agency for properly...
  16. I

    6 easy & fast ways to make money without a qualification

    If you're young, a novice entrepreneur or you're just looking to make fast cash, this could quite possibly be the most effective article I have come across. I have actually done a couple of these before I started my businesses and I used to do really well for someone who never had a job. Share...
  17. Marketer

    Working from home in my 60s

    After years of 'careers' I now find myself able to devote time to learning new ways to create income from home. For over 15 years I was an insurance agent. The ability to meet new people and helping them with their insurance needs was very fulfilling. 10 years as a paralegal also enabled me...
  18. Federico.Gimeno

    How can individual become good at selling?

    How do you think this skill is acquired? What does it take to be a skilled salesman? I'd be great to hear your inputs. Thank you in advance!
  19. E

    [Desperate for help] Started online store with sales slowing growing, now they've disappeared

    Hi, So I am student and by putting in a few over time hours I managed to start my own mens wrist wear site. Firstly I focused on bracelets, and sales for those were moderate - around £400 in 4 months, but they weren't consistent at all. I have now moved onto watches but much to my...
  20. Nunzio Presta

    Launching An Affiliate Program!

    Hey everyone! BizON is launching an affiliate program :) It is a great way for you to make some easy side cash! If you have sales experience and have an extensive network that consist of business owners, franchise owners, realtors or business brokers in Canada, the USA or Australia, then this...