sales and marketing

  1. B

    Generating Customers B2B

    I'm starting up a calibration company. Basically we're a service company that provides calibration services to companies that require calibration of their testing equipment to ensure that products are within appropriate parameters. It also ensures regulatory requirements too. I'll admit that I...
  2. ArthurGachugi

    Many Leads Few Sales

    of late i realized i have been having many calls coming in,clients coming in but in relevance with sales ,i sell less in-comparison with the leads i get.Is there a problem with my sales?where i advertise?or what might be the problem?
  3. G

    Not seeing much sales from instagram

    Hi everyone, Not long we started to send content to instagram but we are not seeing much sales nor website clicks from our Instagram page, what would anybody recommend us to change? Instagram username: Hqmwatches
  4. S

    Online Sales Training

    Hey Biz Warriors! Has anyone had any experience with an online/self-service sales training provider? If so, Which company did you use? What was your experience like? How were you/your team impacted by this way of learning?
  5. Lisa B

    New Here.... Juice Bar Owner

    Hi everyone. I am new here and happy to be added. A little about the juice bar... All organic and cold pressed (=lots of manual work and smaller profit margin). Open 1.5 years, with steady repeat customers but just paying the bills so far. Well trained team, great reviews, clean facility. But...
  6. Y

    Closing sales hacks

    In fact, I cannot even imagine that I’m able to make my customers buy something so easily. These techniques let me increase my earnings and promote my store. They surely work but I’d like to learn some of your experience of using the closing sales techniques. Share your experience, please.
  7. Success Forever

    Introducing Success Forever

    Hello everybody, my name is Hamidi Reid from Success Forever. I help young people, sales people and entrepreneurs triple your results in life and business. In short I teach people skills to gain wealth, power and freedom. I am excited to be able to contribute to this community and am looking...
  8. Union Progress

    Facebook Pixel Thread

    Hello everyone Facebook Pixel Thread starts here, and here is the first question. Do you use Facebook pixel? Does anybody know how it counts the revenue in the analytics tab? I mean does it only reflect the purchases coming from Facebook customers or all the purchases from all sources? Thank you
  9. Jan

    Digital Platform For Business Owners/CEOs, Who Want To Learn How To Sell - No Money Needed

    Hi everyone, I thought it would be a very useful idea to create a digital platform for business owners, that would include everything I know about B2B sales. I want to make sure that it's really good, so I'm putting together a survey that will let me know what is your number one problem with...
  10. Caitlin Park Kelly

    Creative CPG Sales Executive starting to think about what is next

    Hello All. Writing an intro to a group always feels a bit like creating an online dating profile. How do you sum up who you are an why you are here in a catchy but interesting way that gets you noticed but not instantly shunned for cliche or sensationalism? I have always thought online daters...