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    The Data-Driven Approach to Project Risk Management

    MicroAgility Blog - The Data-Driven Approach to Project Risk Management Read more
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    Five Essential Functions for Your Project Risk Management Software

    Project change management includes new IT frameworks, new items, and new markets, or responding to an adjustment in the business condition, for example, regulatory or competitive actions. Project risk management is tied in with distinguishing new dangers or changes in the risk level of existing...
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    Scheduling Projects

    What is the most ideal way to schedule projects and establish timelines? Any suggestions will be highly appreciated
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    Featured How To Plan and Control Projects Within A Company Strategic Plan

    Develop a strategic plan or long range plan (LRP). The key to such a plan is market research to determine potential client probability, designating projects to market in the selected venues and overlaying the resources required to achieve the projects should they become realities and set them in...
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    Task management software for remote team

    Hello everyone. I'm looking for a good task management software. Right now we are using Basecamp, but it doesn’t have much features and it’s quite hard to work with. The biggest drawback is that there is not enough opportunity to create and observe subtasks and related tasks. What software is...