1. theceo

    Four Tips For You To Plan Your Business

    If you are starting to develop a business planning will be the key to prevent your venture from failing or suffering losses as a result of improvisation. That's why pay attention to these four tips. 1. Find all the possible information Remember that knowledge is power. Once you have chosen what...
  2. Small to Feds

    Featured OPINION: How the Business Software World has Changed/Evolved and Where We are Headed

    Business software is inexorably tied to parallel developments in other areas of technology and the business software market is shifting in tandem with them. As a result of the tremendous capacity built into the communications industry during the dot com boom, organizations like Google, Amazon...
  3. Y

    Honest feedback - monitoring finances (idea)

    Hi All, If you could have a mobile application that lets you monitor your budget/finances in real-time would it be something you would pay for? It would let you monitor sales, expenses, cash, open receivables, and debt in real-time. Benefits: 1. You don't have to wait until month-end to see...
  4. ect-founder

    What do you guys think of this strategy?

    This idea that I have will generate leads, extra income, interaction, publicity, and possible new clients/customers, and connections (at least, it should if done right). But I will try to summarize this, so some details may be left out. The idea is this: My startup will send out surveys (and...
  5. Small to Feds

    Small Business Company Training

    As fast as things move these days if we don't train and communicate effectively we are running very high risks. The modern era in which we live demands that training is sophisticated, interactive and responsive to changing times. It should evolve out of core company processes and contain...
  6. V

    What is a good IDEA?

    I tried writing on this, please read this article, Conscious explorer: Is your idea "one in a million" This is not for traffic as I dont make money from blogs, but only thing is I will get an Analysis from mass. Thank You
  7. Bruno Moreira-Guedes

    Are you Planning an e-Business or e-Service? Do you need help?

    Hello, I'm looking for someone starting some digital business (website, app, social media, etc). I'll soon have a Business Plan to develop to a real world entrepreneur (in college). Me and my classmates will have advice of three great professors (of entrepreneurship, budget planning, and...
  8. Tyler Bell|MYB Revolution

    Mastermind For Building Successful Entrepreneurial Habits | Members Wanted

    Two heads are better than one... and I'm looking for 3 more people to join my foundational business mastermind group. Maybe you guys can relate with my story, I've been focused on a building a business for about two years, and let me tell you, this whole process seemed a lot easier in my head...
  9. tae


    Hello everyone, my names tae, I'm fairly new to these forums and I'm a growing entrepreneur. I've been reading loads of books and working on social media for about a year now and I feel like I'm taking too long to take action and start out on my dreams. I've been struggling a lot with what I...
  10. S


    So I'm planning on starting a business, and many more after that, but being underage, I have no experience with taxes. Where would I factor that into my plans?