1. theceo

    Top 5 Ingredients of Successful Business Plans

    Top 5 Ingredients of Successful Business Plans By Chris Mobbs, July 07, 2016
  2. Y

    Honest feedback - monitoring finances (idea)

    Hi All, If you could have a mobile application that lets you monitor your budget/finances in real-time would it be something you would pay for? It would let you monitor sales, expenses, cash, open receivables, and debt in real-time. Benefits: 1. You don't have to wait until month-end to see...
  3. Small to Feds

    5 Typical Questions I Ask My Small Business Clients

    Tell me about your operation. How many people are involved and how do your processes now operate? Do you use social networking for marketing? How do you market your products and services? Do you have a marketing plan ? How has it worked for you? Do you have cooperative ventures with other...
  4. L

    What does it take to be successful?

    There are many ideas floating around in this economy about what it takes to be successful. Books by the 100's provide a prescription, a plan, or a word of advice. Most turn out to be very helpful but, I have noticed there is one thing missing from all of them. It is the one thing that is a...
  5. Bruno Moreira-Guedes

    Are you Planning an e-Business or e-Service? Do you need help?

    Hello, I'm looking for someone starting some digital business (website, app, social media, etc). I'll soon have a Business Plan to develop to a real world entrepreneur (in college). Me and my classmates will have advice of three great professors (of entrepreneurship, budget planning, and...
  6. remnant

    Budgeting to fail

    Management of personal finances requires both discipline and planning. You have to budget your income to include savings. But many factors come into play and you find that it isn't a straight line and you are living from paycheck to paycheck. A budget is the ideal but the reality is different...