1. T

    Seeking Entrepreneur/Business Partner

    Seeking an Entrepreneur & Business partner to help me launch a new beach and outdoor apparel line. All the appropriate legwork has been completed (established an LLC, website, business license, trademark, sales taxes and social media accounts). Seeking someone with vision and experience in...
  2. A

    Made a good site, good services, but visibility problems. Help

    Hi Warriors! I'm a publisher and author, and have created a website offering services from myself and other professionals in the industry. The website can collect payments, has clear costs, has a blog, email and support system, backlinks from business directories, and all the services offered...
  3. B

    Gifting (Womens & Personalisation) Entrpreneur or Partnership Opportunity

    Brilliant Opportunity for an Ambitious, Like Minded Entrepreneur!! After being in the business for more then 12 years, the owners of fabu-licious would like to sadly sell its well established women's gifting and pampering business. The owner has worked really hard to create and grow a...
  4. O

    How to divide profits/business percentage amongst 2 people?

    A friend and I are planning on opening up a local dog care facility and are essentially ready to open but still have not agreed on how to divide profits/business. Below is a summary of the current facts. Person A: -funding approximately $30,000 -found a facility which is 90% turn key and ready...
  5. Z

    Casting New Entrepreneur Reality Show!

    Hello there! My name is Nick Stubbs and I am a Casting Producer at Blackfin, a non-scripted TV production company in NYC . We are currently developing a new TV show for a major cable network that I think you might be a great fit for. Whether you're already a successful entrepreneur or a small...
  6. T J Tutor

    Vetting Potential Partners

    What is your process for vetting potential partners for a project or business?
  7. Macferguson

    From an idea to success, what would you do?

    Hi Entrepreneurs, I joined this forum late last year with almost no idea what I wanted to do. Now, after a little advice from you lot, I am back with a plan! Anyway, my idea is to create a Sales and installations solutions company in the UK providing Y product to both the business and public...
  8. T

    Unexpected business plan change !

    Hi folks, just joined and learning site . I started my business because I can't work a regular job , degenerative disc disease ! I had to find something I loved to do , had 4 kids so eventually had to get rid of guns I had and stop my little gunsmith side business . Started SHU PCP AIR Gun...
  9. Christian Daengeli

    Swiss quality architectural rendering services

    We are looking for Partner within the real estate Industrie to promote and sell our high end - swiss Quality Architectural Rendering services. Great would be the middle-east Region (UAE) but open for suggestions. Great service & great margin - no Investment needed. Please reach out for more...
  10. Kevin A

    Looking For A Partnership

    Hello i wanted to connect with someone who is New York or Miami i am from Los Angeles also anyone in the L.A area looking to partner up with some positive minded people to start business funding not needed
  11. sivaraman

    Looking genuine investor for International school project

    Dear members, i am running two schools in India with 1400 students. I have a proposal starting international curriculum school which have huge demand for admissions. Investment range around 1.7m USD and school investment will be best for long lasting returns. For this project, i am looking...