1. Chad

    Hello Just Starting Out

    Hey guys just wanted to introduce myself. I have been building online courses for about 16 years and now I am teaching other what I have learned in my years as a course developer. I am excited to be here.
  2. M

    What skills are recommended for starting an online business?

    I'm new to entrepreneurship, but have heard that online businesses are the way to go. Some people say web design or programming, but I don't know where to even start with these. If you have any recommendations, ideas, books, or videos on how to cultivate the skills would be greatly appreciated!
  3. Nathaneal

    Popular Niche Ideas

    Hey friends! What are some niches that you like? I see a lot of people focusing on the same old things that are now overflowing. New niches, old niches, I'm sure theres some I have never considered! I always like to get other peoples thoughts in the research phase. You can list 1, or 100; I...
  4. Federico.Gimeno

    Do you think investing in PTC sites is profitable?

    I recently registered in a PTC (Paid To Click) site, which seems to be legit and all, since I received my first payout. Do you think one can make decent money in the short term investing a small amount of money (say $100 USD) in referrals / upgraded membership? Anyone who can share experiences...
  5. Rocky Gofamodimo

    Online Newspaper ( News Site )

    I want to start an online newspaper. This will be 80% business news and the rest will be made up general news, sports news, entertainment and general tips. I have already opened a Facebook ( News Hub ) page and twitter handle ( @ bwnewshub ) while we are still working on the website. Any tips...
  6. ReneeLouise

    Hello world!

    My name is Renee and I am looking to create a health and wellness empire. I want to build a business that gives people the tools and inspiration to take control of their health.