1. BizWarriors

    How did you find the BizWarriors Forum?

    How did you find the site?
  2. Olagoke Tobi Enoch

    Olagoke Tobi Enoch of Africa

    it brings me great pleasure to be in the midst of great minds, like minds causes acceleration. My dream is to be the next software giant of Africa with a goal to provide Africans the essential tools to dominate on a global scale. Ain't that too big? I'd love to make friends and business...
  3. Sora

    Hi there

    Hello I'm a 24 year old student of literature with a constant need to experiment with ideas and new ventures. My love for painting and sketching has kept me on the lookout for a breakthrough in starting an online business for many months now. I'm hoping this forum will help me actualizing that...
  4. A

    Hello! What's your favorite forum?

    I am new to this website. So far from what I seen there are ton's of awesome stuff on this website! Would any of you like to suggest your favorite forums?
  5. N

    Arbitrage & Craiglist

    If you don't know what arbitrage means: The simultaneous purchase and sale of an asset in order to profit from a difference in the price. It is a trade that profits by exploiting price differences of identical or similar financial instruments, on different markets or in different forms. Source...
  6. Tyler Bell|MYB Revolution

    Hello, Fellow Entrepreneurs

    Hi, my name Tyler Bell founder of MYB Revolution, I'm a holistic health coach for young entrepreneurs looking to get an edge up on their competition. Through my guidance I can help you create balance in your health and life that fuels your mind to create better ideals and improve productive...
  7. S

    Hello a young newbie here.

    Hello everyone. I am new here. I am a 17 year old app developer. I have taken part is a few appathons and am interested in learning about how to run and manage a startup. I hope to have an awesome time here. thanks.
  8. arthnel

    Affiliate Marketing. Easy way for Newbies

    I'm new to making money online, but a more determined fellow than me you will never find. When I just started out I was excited about all the promises of how easy it was to get traffic, make offers with an auto-responder and watch the money roll in. That, clearly, was not the case. Many people...