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  1. T

    Seeking Entrepreneur/Business Partner

    Seeking an Entrepreneur & Business partner to help me launch a new beach and outdoor apparel line. All the appropriate legwork has been completed (established an LLC, website, business license, trademark, sales taxes and social media accounts). Seeking someone with vision and experience in...
  2. M

    Starting My Own Business and I Feel Very Confused

    I have searched through the forum for some tips and searched the internet, but I am still left with some questions. I plan on opening a brick and mortar retail store in Pennsylvania. I understand that I need to get a business license, but in order to get a business license, I need to first...
  3. TheCamel

    How do I take an idea to market?

    My daughter and her friend have been making drawings for the past few months and everytime she shows me more I tell her that they would make great toys and could be a profitable business for them. But the problem I have been facing is that I have no idea how to help them take these drawings and...
  4. KCSunshine

    Hoping to Create Unique Content & Experiences

    Hi everyone! I'm KC. Currently working towards launching a business in the conferences & trade show industry. Just a few short weeks ago I left a high-paying career as an executive for a publicly traded company. I didn't leave to start my business, rather left because the culture and my boss...
  5. Stephanie Bernardoni

    If you are an entrepreneur, could you take a minute to answer some questions?

    Hult International Business School and Amazon Launchpad are working to develop a solution to help entrepreneur tackle their main challenges. It would be great if you could take a few minutes to answer a few question to help us to potentially help you!Click here to take the survey: Start-up...
  6. innov8

    Need Help

    Hey whats up Entre Fix? this is my first post and I'm excited to be here. If I posted in the wrong column or did something I wasn't suppose to please forgive me. Anyways, I have an product that has yet been created. I could marketed it too a specific demographic, make it strong, and valuable...
  7. A

    Name for a company

    I am going to start a company with few of my friends, and i am assigned to find a name for my company. I am pretty confused as most of the names that i come with are already taken. The company that we are planning to start is ecommerce for selling mobile phone and even later to move to...
  8. Neo Maponya

    To the American entreprenuers

    I may be only 18 but I'm constantly researching new industries and markets and I've stumbled upon something pretty amazing and I implore you to do more research. It's called Equity Crowdfunding. It's considered the 'holy grail' of crowdfunding and the one that's going to propel the crowdfunding...
  9. Macferguson

    Affiliates, how would one contact a supplier?

    Hi entrepreneurs, Hope you are well! I am currently looking at becoming an affiliate but the product is not available on affiliate sites. So now it is up to me to negotiate a contract with the supplier, but how exactly do I go about this? New business development isn't my forte and I don't...
  10. CoolSpot

    Do you want to start a business but don't know where to start?

    Hey guys, I am currently looking into the possibility of setting up web based businesses for people who want to start working for themselves. The business will all be eCommerce based and come with the following. All stores will be given with suppliers for the product types you are wishing to...
  11. V

    I need an Entrepreneur - am I in the right place?

    As an Entrepreneur , I am always on the look out to connect with other like minded folks to share ideas, swap stories and Launch the next Billion Dollar Company. I'm sitting on the next Big thing right now. If you love business and wine - Lets connect.
  12. N

    Is drop shipping viable source of income?

    Is there money is drop shipping I'm looking to start a website and offer physical products to sell but before I purchase a domain I need some recommendations on whether I could make £300/month profit What products do you guys have experience dropshipping btw this is my first post
  13. TedGunnarsson

    Find Business Partner To Grow & Expand With

    My name is Ted, and my vision is to inspire and help people achieve what truly matters to them. I do that through personal development. Question: I'm looking for one or two business partners that have the same vision to inspire & help people as me. But also have the skills I'm lacking in...