1. Nunzio Presta

    The Switzerland Structure: How to Ensure Your Business Could Run Without You!

    Have you ever wondered what would happen to your business if you could not work for an extended period of time, or a key employee left the company? Would your business survive? You can use the Switzerland Structure to ensure that never happens. John Warrillow (Built to Sell: Creating a...
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    Building a Sellable Business!

    What are essential technologies for small business sellers?
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    Pursue a MBA or Buy a Business?

    Which is a better investment? Question was originally asked on BizCHATTER.
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    BizSPOTLIGHT – Spice of Zara

    At BizON, we believe in the power of small business and entrepreneurship and that every one should wake up in the morning loving what they do. We come across many terrific entrepreneurs daily and want to give them the recognition they deserve by putting the spotlight on them via BizON’s...
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    Buying vs Starting an Existing Business!

    Buying an existing business can be more sexy and exciting than starting your own, ask Howard Schultz about Starbucks ;)
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    How Much is My Business Worth?

    This is probably the most popular question my team and I get asked! Since BizON is dedicated to creating a strong community of engaged business owners, entrepreneurs, brokers and franchisors, we feel it is right to provide as many valuable features and services as possible. With that said...
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    The BizON Team would like to wish every a Happy New Year! Remember: "For last year's words belong to last year's language and next year's words await another voice." - T.S. Eliot, Four Quartets
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    Transitioning from Soldier to Business Owner

    I was recently invited to participate in a breakfast networking event with the Treble Victor Group. The event was held at the Albany Club, a beautiful and historical venue. The mission for Treble Victor Group is to enable ex-military leaders to achieve their full potential in the marketplace...
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    Top 10: Failproof Canadian Franchises

    10. Pizza Pizza Initial investment: $30,000 - $350,000 9. Shoppers Drug Mart/Pharmaprix Initial investment: No initial investment 8. Harvey’s Initial investment: $500,000 7. M&M Meat Shops Initial investment: $350,000 6. Second Cup Initial investment: $300,001 - $450,000 5. Sports Experts...
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    What is Your Business Worth?

    At BizON, we always recommend taking this question seriously, especially if you are considering to sell your business. The asking price you set is extremely important and a main reason why businesses sell or not. With that said, valuate and benchmark your business for free by clicking here.
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    Checklist for Selling a Business or Franchise.

    Join our growing marketplace for free by clicking here.
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    Terrible Excuses

    At BizON we believe entrepreneurship is not only about starting a business from scratch but also about buying an existing one and turning it into something better. With that said, we came across a great article by Inc’s contributing editor, Jeff Haden, where he discusses 14 terrible excuses for...
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    5 Stress Busters all Business Owners Should Know

    Owning and operating a business comes with major responsibility – and major responsibility can be accompanied by the “S” word we all loathe beyond comprehension, STRESS. At some point in our careers we will all encounter stressful moments and situations that test both our mental and physical...
  14. Nunzio Presta

    Franchise VS. Independent Business

    The first step to buying into a franchise system or existing business is to understand the difference between the two models. Start by doing some research to ensure that you make an educated decision that truly suits what you aim to accomplish and also suits your lifestyle. Check out this...
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    10 Tips for Buying a Business

    At BizON we truly believe that entrepreneurship is about starting a business from scratch AND (I stress the word AND) growing an existing business further. There are many perks when purchasing an existing business such as buying into a system that has an existing customer base, turnkey...
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    7 Holiday Tips for Business & Franchise Owners!

    The holidays can be a very difficult time to be seen and heard, especially as a small business. People are on the go, have many things to do; yet, we still want to attract a quick moment of their attention to hopefully convert them into a long lasting customer. How the heck can we do this? Here...