1. S

    Introducing Ourselves to BizWarriors

    Hello All. Our names are Robert Moran, Michael Pampena, and Andrew Lackey. We are 3 young adults in the beginning of our adult lives living outside of Pittsburgh, PA. Recently, in April 2019 we developed an idea that as a society and humans, we are all capable of more than we show in our daily...
  2. A

    Progressing with help from experts

    Hi, My name is Antonia and I am currently looking to develop my very own business, all to do with life coaching. I have joined this forum because I'd love to find out how people go about developing companies themselves. I hadn't started with much money at all, so I decided to join a club...
  3. pedrocampos

    Why budgets never work

    Ok folks, the dictionary has is the thing right, as it says that a budget is an expected income and expense. That`s where the problem is because you can not predict anything in a budget and things can happen to you or to your business that you simply don`t expect. You can't predict every single...
  4. C


  5. T

    Help Advice On Becoming A Succesful Entrepreneur.

    I love working out fitness has recently become a big part of my life and personal training and becoming a you-tube entrepreneur has come to my mind often once I gain more muscle mass on my body. I also have an interest in acting/theater it would be awesome if I could be an actor one day. However...
  6. Henk89

    How is (new) value created and faciliated by investments?

    From an academic perspective I wonder how money relates to the creation of value: What is the influence of available amounts of money on the creation of value and vice versa? How do international financial institutions manage / control the creation of value with money? How does new money...
  7. Goldstandard89

    Crowd Funding?

    Have you ever tried to crowd funding for a project or to start a business? Were you successful and do you have any advice? Did you fail and what did you learn from it?
  8. amiller280

    Marketing at flea markets

    So I have been sitting on this idea lately of opening a table or booth at my local flea market(they are huge around my area) and selling items off of aliexpress. Plated jewelry, cool tech items, clothes, and I have ordered a lot of products to test and they all seem perfect for the idea. While...
  9. James Fresh

    Unemployed 23 years old in the cold wilderness of Norway.

    So i at the moment i am unemployed, working on my Personal Trainer Certficiate. I have been unemployed for so long now" I just need to get something going! Because i love workingout and neutrition, i decited to get a PT Education. So i can make decent money.. around 200$ for 5 hours work...
  10. Joe


    What would you do with it? Be specific.
  11. Kenneth golden

    Positive Thinking Affects The Money In Your Pockets, Bank, and Future

    Despite what you trust, positive or negative considerations characterize your way forever. The uplifting news is that you have the ability to settle on decisions of what considerations you acknowledge or dismiss. I have select two recordings which will enlighten this procedure, and give you a...
  12. Foxus

    In what industries is there money to be had?

    Part of my entrepreneur-journey is motivated by money, or a lot of Benny Franklin dollar bills. So what industries is there money to be had? I guess it really deals with what industries are projected to boom. I have visited many different sites, and I have gotten many different lists of booming...
  13. arthnel

    I'm Going for $300 Automatic Per Day

    I told myself that my approach is going to be simple. If I can get there, I can replicate what I did and just go higher. If I can find a ways online to market and make sales up to $300 per day, I would be well on my way. I'm looking at affiliate marketing, Ebook sales and some basic advertising...
  14. mtayp01

    Do you track your expenses? How?

    Do you track your expenses? Do you have an app for it? Do you use Excel or just rely on intuition when spending and saving? Any suggestions on how to go about with this?