1. Hull

    Giving gifts of useful living

    Hi Hello I just wanted to share what we are doing for customer service. There are universal laws and for each customer we show them how to use one or two. So they can have social impact. Or at least they feel wise. It's like a higher social status. That's what I think they like about it...
  2. A

    Digital Marketing & Design Services from the Pioneers Since 1997: Azam Marketing

    Exclusive 20% Discount in 2020 for BizWarrior Users! Azam Marketing is a full-service digital marketing and design agency which unleashes the potential of the internet to grow our clients' businesses. Our focus is one thing and one thing only: results. Our experience is unrivalled and we are...
  3. S

    Work/Life balance as a marketing pro?

    I’m just curious on others experience in marketing. I feel Marketing has a rep of long hours that ebb and flows. Wanted to know if it’s true for most/all of us, or if there’s hope for work/life balance in this industry after all! How many hours average do you work a week? Are you agency or...
  4. S

    What IM tools does everyone love?

    I really dislike these types of posts but I promised. Please share with us one of the tool/app/service you could not live without, when it comes to online marketing. Thanks!
  5. shdavis

    How to set boundaries with your remote job!

    Wondering how to set boundaries with your remote job? Click here
  6. BizWarriors

    How did you find the BizWarriors Forum?

    How did you find the site?
  7. Lisa B

    Advertising in the Local Weekend Insert?

    Hi there, I am consider trying an ad in the weekend newspaper insert for my immediate area because many locals are still shocked to learn there is a juice bar right here. It is not a coupon book, but more of a local events and happenings section of the Sunday paper. Lots of restaurants and local...
  8. monika.123

    Hello, I'm Monika

    Hello there everybody, my name is Monika. I found this forum through fundera Looks good, it is active and I hope will learn a lot, and my experience and knowledge will be helpful for you too. My business is website builder called Exai and I and my team are doing our best to show the world what...
  9. T

    C's of Marketing

    Organizations are always seeking out for new and keen methodologies for Advertising their products and services, and one tool is especially useful in finding such methodologies the C's of Marketing. Customer Culture Convenience Competition Communication Consistence Customization Coordination...
  10. T

    Digital Marketing Strategy

    Digital Marketing Strategy as a broad is to design and execute engagement optimization strategy to help deliver personalized experiences to customers or clients. But what is the proper road map to select the right tool, technology and strategy to achieve personalization?
  11. MillennialMotivator

    Looking to get started on Youtube?

    Want to be a youtuber? Not sure how to get started on Youtube? Today we give you the tips, tricks and advice you need to get started and building your channel today!
  12. A

    Advice Needed

    Hello! I work for a company called SamBoat that facilitates peer-to-peer boat rentals. For the past few months, I have been working on a digital marketing strategy. I started by updating directories, backlinking, PPC, created a new website, social media and am now in the process of working on...
  13. MillennialMotivator

    Is a Smartphone Enough to Get Started on Youtube?

    Trying to figure out what you need to get started on YouTube? Is your iphone or android enough?This video can help you get to business fast!
  14. Anjum Rahman CP

    Persona hailing from the land of spices

    Hi all, Myself Anjum from Kerala, India. I am an enthusiastic marketer for websites and mobile app development projects. And we also I have been creating engagements for the customer feedback and analytical solution called FeedbacQ.
  15. MillennialMotivator

    Let's Go!

    Hey everyone! I am thrilled to be here and look forward to contributing actively (daily) in the forums. I am a digital marketing consultant and recently have started helping entrepreneurs and business owners through my Youtube channel. I can't wait to get to know you guys and start helping...
  16. A

    Hey there :)

    I'm Abhishek Kumar and I'm a small business marketing enthusiast. I write about marketing hacks on my medium blog- Purple Cows
  17. B


    Hello all, I'm currently in a pickle. I'm 22, and I switched my major to Marketing from communication, but it set me back 2 years. I would be graduating next year if I stayed in com. Would a business degree be beneficial to me or would a com degree work just as well to work in business if I...
  18. Kasey Jones

    Portland Marketing Coach and Consultant here!

    Hey all, just getting my feet wet here, but excited to learn from all of you. A little about me: I'm a revenue development coach in Portland, OR. I help teams and businesses better understand their buyers, so they can develop and execute smart, cost-effective demand generation campaigns that...
  19. A

    I started a vlog about my entrepreneurial journey as a marketing device

    My friend and I have decided to start a business. I decided to document everything and will post one video every week. The videos will be both entertaining and informative. We want to make videos on the Pareto principle, tips on ecommerce, etc., not just showing our progress in the company. I...
  20. S

    Greetings and thank you!

    Hello fellow Biz Warriors, First of all, i'm very honored to be here and that i found this forum. There is so much valuable information here! I'm Stefan from the Netherlands, currently studying entrepreneurship. Besides my university i've started my own company call Nivemedia. Nivemedia is a...