1. Bruno Moreira-Guedes

    What Management Need Hurts Your Business The Most?

    Hello, I will be honest about the reason of my question: I am trying to start a consulting business - working remote - and offering services for companies everywhere. My kind of company would be small business/startups. I don't know whether it's viable or not, but I want to work for small...
  2. T

    The Art of Team Building and its Effect on Business Practice

    The success of an organization relies upon its representatives and they should work and team up as a group with an attention on the organization’s mission statements. Any conflict can delay the success of an organization. Here is the link for how to built an effective team and its effectives on...
  3. Small to Feds

    Featured The 5 Most Difficult Skills to Acquire In Managing A Small Business

    1. DEVELOPING the ability to cross organizational lines and make disparate groups or functional organizations work together with only your power of persuasion and your contract going for you. 2. EVOLVING the art of directing resources without having them report to you while keeping clients and...
  4. T

    The Data-Driven Approach to Project Risk Management

    MicroAgility Blog - The Data-Driven Approach to Project Risk Management Read more
  5. H

    What are your common problems with employees?

    I was wondering what everyone is struggling with in regards to managing employees? Is it writing the job descriptions, hiring, performance management, disciplinary action or something else? I am struggling with performance management and disciplinary action and wanted to see what is giving...
  6. T

    Five Essential Functions for Your Project Risk Management Software

    Project change management includes new IT frameworks, new items, and new markets, or responding to an adjustment in the business condition, for example, regulatory or competitive actions. Project risk management is tied in with distinguishing new dangers or changes in the risk level of existing...
  7. T

    Insights and discussion regarding vital elements of financial industry

    Steven Pae, a transformational Operations/Technology Executive, shares his insights and discusses vital elements of financial industry at CXO Series. Read here
  8. T

    Scheduling Projects

    What is the most ideal way to schedule projects and establish timelines? Any suggestions will be highly appreciated
  9. T

    C's of Marketing

    Organizations are always seeking out for new and keen methodologies for Advertising their products and services, and one tool is especially useful in finding such methodologies the C's of Marketing. Customer Culture Convenience Competition Communication Consistence Customization Coordination...
  10. Mimi RANDRIA

    Business Oriented

    Hello Everyone!! My name is Mimi, I just came accross this platform today. I am very intersted in learning more about Entrepreneurship and business in General, and Intending to start soon. I hope to get new friends, as well as advices from you guys. Thanks guys.
  11. setupdisc

    Which entrepreneurial adventure have you enjoyed the most?

    Hi Mr. Ghadimi, Thanks for taking a moment to read my question. :) Between the 2 offline businesses, the internet marketing endeavors, and authoring so many books since you began, which of these has brought you the most revenue...and which between them the most happiness and satisfaction as a...
  12. ctfranklin28

    Checks and Balances

    One thing that I learned with consulting small businesses is the lack of checks and balances. A small business intent on survival, may not look at the signs that their business is not growing as it could. *This phenomenon is not limited to small businesses, but that is who I worked with the...