1. P

    Hello all!

    I am new to BW! I am an ex-investment banker who now works on different innovative projects. I would be interested in discussing with companies, from micro-entreprise to SMEs, about how they could leverage better their data.
  2. L

    New here

    So i just joined this forum. Just trying to network and meet some people who could help me out on my journey of progressing my startup venture. Have a great innovative idea for a mobile platform that im very eager to take off and get going so any network or business proposals are appreciated!
  3. Ironcore

    Hello bizwarriors — Here's A Short Greeting And Introduction

    Hello. Nice to meet you. I'm Oskar Westerlund. Here's a short overview of who I am. Before I became a full-time entrepreneur I studied entrepreneurship at Hanken School of Economics in Helsinki — Finland. I graduated with a Master of Science (Economics and Business Administration) degree. Near...
  4. Pawan_Kumar

    Hello Everyone

    Hi everyone! My name is Pawan, I'm from India. I love to share knowledge about new business and startups. I am always interested to help young people who want to start their own business. I am here to learn new things and to share my own experience and knowledge with everyone.
  5. Anjum Rahman CP

    Persona hailing from the land of spices

    Hi all, Myself Anjum from Kerala, India. I am an enthusiastic marketer for websites and mobile app development projects. And we also I have been creating engagements for the customer feedback and analytical solution called FeedbacQ.
  6. MillennialMotivator

    Let's Go!

    Hey everyone! I am thrilled to be here and look forward to contributing actively (daily) in the forums. I am a digital marketing consultant and recently have started helping entrepreneurs and business owners through my Youtube channel. I can't wait to get to know you guys and start helping...
  7. NexlevelBiz

    Small Business Advocate and New Blogger

    Hello all, I am Craig "Daryl", call me Daryl and I run the new NexlevelBusiness blog and business consulting practice that focuses on financial performance (improving your business). I focus and have a passion for supporting all things small business, startups, growing them, middle market and...
  8. peterkortvel

    Hello from a marketing expert, co-founder and video animator.

    Hi All, I am happy to join this forum. I am a marketing expert, I've worked as an online marketer in a bank as a cofounder of a tech startup and as my latest endeavour I've animated many startup explainers. Happy to meet you all here. Let me know if you have any questions about how to promote...
  9. N

    Hello everybody, Nadim from Buddy Marketing

    Hello everybody, Thanks for welcoming me on this forum. I recently started my own business and struggling to skyrocket it. I'm hoping to get some help and good information from other entrepreneurs. Meanwhile I'll try to share as much information as I can on the influencer marketing topic...
  10. RuneCaster

    Howdy guys! Looking forward to working with you all

    GOOD EVENING READER! (or morning or afternoon I suppose) I'm RuneCaster, and I'm trying to start a business. For the past year and a half or more, I've been absorbing tons of information about entrepreneurship and how it's done. Somewhere within the next week or two, I'll be launching my...
  11. BenHeath

    Hi Everyone!

    My name is Ben, and I live in London, but originally from Rugby. After playing poker online for a living for roughly eight months, I decided to move on and start my own Digital and Social Media Marketing business. I realised that there weren't that many out there that focused on new startups...
  12. Emy Yan

    Excited about coming to Silicon Valley

    Dear all, I am Emily. I just graduated from Columbia University and started working for SITRI Innovations, Inc. in the heart of Silicon Valley. I have been excited about joining the most exciting global community of startups, VCs, incubators, and innovation companies in the heart of Silicon...
  13. JMcMahon

    Hello from Japan

    Hello fellow Biz Warriors! I am Jason. I am an Engineer and Instructor in Japan and am always looking for Entrepreneurial opportunities either online or within Japan. I joined Biz Warriors in an attempt to learn more about business and to (at some point) perhaps find someone who would be willing...
  14. H

    Hello!!! Everyone...

    Hi, all. I'm Hazel and I am trying to make a successful business, so I'm getting help from this forum. I know most of you are a pro at what you do. So would you please help me by giving me some tips. Thanks again.
  15. J

    Jenna Here

    First time being here, my name is Jenna as you probably know by the title :) I am a single mom of two and have been working online as a freelancer in the content writing industry for a while know. However I have a few projects what I will be launching soon and hopefully learning and sharing...
  16. S

    Hustling in Cleveland

    Hi everyone! My name is Sean and I'm new to the group. I'm currently juggling a demanding full time job, my family, a social life, staying active, and my entrepreneurial passion. I'm in the process of launching my first side project and am looking forward to learning more with the...
  17. Zipho

    Hi everyone

    Hi All My name’s Zipho Mkhize all the way from Johannesburg, South Africa and I’m the founder and developer of a newly created internet company. Not only am I looking for entrepreneurs and investors to work with to grow my own business, I’m also looking to add value in any way I can to this...
  18. KCSunshine

    Hoping to Create Unique Content & Experiences

    Hi everyone! I'm KC. Currently working towards launching a business in the conferences & trade show industry. Just a few short weeks ago I left a high-paying career as an executive for a publicly traded company. I didn't leave to start my business, rather left because the culture and my boss...
  19. SarahLocci

    Hi strangers, I'm Sarah

    I don't really know how to start this so I'll just jump right into it. My name is Sarah and I have plans to start my own bakery here in Belgium. I have taken some steps in that direction but I sometimes would like to have input from others. It's quite hard to find that kind of exchange in the...
  20. MattC

    Mindsets and Adversity

    Hello All, Another small businessperson by the name of Matthew here just making the transition to self-employment and ownership. I'm sure this place will be a fantastic area to cultivate creative thinking and open discussion! More specifically, I hope to focus, here on BizWarriors, on the...