1. ctfranklin28

    Side Hustle Biz Idea in a Field

    Hi! I'm a freelancer who has been playing around with a business idea in my head, but it's will involve getting into a new industry, one that I do not have experience in yet. What are your thoughts on this? Is it too much trouble or should I find a mentor in that industry first? For context...
  2. Matthew Miller

    Automated Kiosk Idea

    I'm writing my final for BA 460 at Eastern Oregon University, and I'm supposed to have a couple people review my entrepreneurship idea before I turn it in. I already know that grocery sales have low profit margins, so I don't mind sharing this with the world. I think that if I can get a kiosk to...
  3. V

    What is a good IDEA?

    I tried writing on this, please read this article, Conscious explorer: Is your idea "one in a million" This is not for traffic as I dont make money from blogs, but only thing is I will get an Analysis from mass. Thank You
  4. A

    I Need Feedback On My Business Idea!

    I've had a business idea swimming around in my head for a while, and I'd love some feedback on it. I'd like to start a business that basically helps victims of domestic abuse start their own businesses. I (along with a couple other people, maybe) would help each person build a website, start...
  5. Luka Peteh

    Revolutionize web design business

    Hello entrepreneurs, I started my own little web design business. I create websites for other businesses but I want to make a change. There is a lot of competition in web design business and I am trying to figure out what to change to stay ahead, be different and provide more for my costumers...
  6. S

    Creativity and Entrepreneurship

    Hallo :) For my master thesis "Creativity and entrepreneurship - The role of creativity support tools for start-ups" I have prepared a survey that I write at the Braunschweig University of Technology Chair of Informationmanagement. The aim of this survey is to find out how creativity affects the...
  7. F

    My Idea and My Inquiries

    Hello everyone :) Here is an idea that I've been working on. What it is: To be brief, an idea marketplace How it works: In my MVP (targeted towards entrepreneurs and small business owners), members would post an inquiry at a specific budget price. Other members would bid on the inquiry. The...
  8. B

    Barter Trade

    we are thinking to build an app which allow travel blogger ,travel influencer ,photographer and ETC, person can provide service to hotel and hotel provide them room for their service like barter trade is it good idea or not
  9. Macferguson

    From an idea to success, what would you do?

    Hi Entrepreneurs, I joined this forum late last year with almost no idea what I wanted to do. Now, after a little advice from you lot, I am back with a plan! Anyway, my idea is to create a Sales and installations solutions company in the UK providing Y product to both the business and public...
  10. remnant

    Copycat entrepreneurship

    An entrepreneur comes up with a good income generating idea. Soon others take note and discreetly copy the business some investing large capital outlays. Soon, the market is crowded and the original entrepreneur has not broken even. Due to the high competition, market share diminishes and there...
  11. remnant

    Interpersonal loans

    I have a novel but simple idea which can enable entrepreneurs to be self reliant and rely less on bank loans. A group of people, say five each contribute 10$. That makes 50$. This is loaned to one person. After a set period of time, they repay the amount without interest. The amount is shared...
  12. N

    Is drop shipping viable source of income?

    Is there money is drop shipping I'm looking to start a website and offer physical products to sell but before I purchase a domain I need some recommendations on whether I could make £300/month profit What products do you guys have experience dropshipping btw this is my first post
  13. Nunzio Presta

    Looking for a Graphic Designer & Coder!

    Hi everyone, My sister has a really disruptive HR business idea focused on redefining part of the recruitment process. The actual details of the business idea is obviously confidential, however, she has no problem discussing it when qualified and interested people that would like to join...
  14. G

    My business idea: Pineapple Drive

    Hi there, i have one idea in my mind, so i hope you can help me. Business idea: Create a company that can delivery any product that the people want to send or to receive in one city or surrounding cities, using the same people as "delivery man". So for example, if i want to send a packet to a...